CANCELED - St. Patrick's Day hasher-like event

The Pinelake Hash House Harriers run in and around the metro area every Saturday at 2:30pm. Join them if you wake up too late to make it too Atlanta

CANCELED - St. Patrick's Day hasher-like event

Postby Ass We Go » Fri Feb 14, 2020 2:36 pm

Sadly, the event has been canceled, but they're planning to do it again next year. Let me know if you're interested.

This looks like something hashers might want to join in on. 10 miles, 10 Guinnesses. Info below. -- Ass We Go

Top of the morning to our pub run legends!!
It almost that time for..... The 13th Annual ATL St. Patty's Day Pub Run!


1. This is a pub RUN meaning we will truly be running between bars. Not racing or sprinting but a nice, steady jog.

2. This is a PUB run meaning we will each drink a PINT of Guinness or Irish equivalent at each stop. Yes, a whole pint**

3. Most of you already know. For the rest of you, it's a run through Atlanta, stopping at 10 of the best ATL bars for 10 pints over 10 miles. We will spend around 20-30 min at each bar. This is the 13th year and the 30th mile after assuming the reins from the legends of the first 100 miles!!!

Important things to know:
1. We will meet at 10AM on Saturday March 13th in the center of THE PIEDMONT PARK MEADOW CIRCLE, on the hill across from park tavern, then head off on our ten mile, ten beer, ten pub journey to Decatur (Route info to come), finishing 5pm-ish.

2. Weather. You can feel free to stay home if the weather is too bad for you, but your money and the real pubrunners will be pubrunning, no refunds (since we have to pre-pay at all of the bars...sorry!). If you want to uber from bar to bar to drink your beer, that's your shame.

3. Money (read everything that follows before you do anything): when I receive $75 from you between now and March 1st, you will be officially attending the 13th Annual ATL St. Patty's Pubrun. If you see me in person before March 1st, you can hand me cash or a check, otherwise Venmo or Paypal is the way to go. If you would like one of your friends to join, please send us their email address, and we would be happy to send them this email to help them signup!!! Your $75 entry includes 10 beers, 10 miles of fun with friends, Lunch, and Custom Swag!

Get on paypal, select send to, or Get on Venmo and send to @ScottyOutwater,and make sure that if there's a fee, that you're paying it! If you want to run the full pub run send me $75, if you prefer to run the half (half a Guinness at each bar), send me your pride and $55.

4. Once you've sent in your money, it's time to start working on your outfit. Green is our color and ridiculous has always been our game. Nothing makes us happier than seeing a mass of fools dressed in green running bar to bar. (It is also probably a good idea to go on a few runs in the next few months).
Excited for another great year!!!!!

Your Atl Pub Run organizers
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