Trash #1611 PH3's Fat Boy Athletic Club

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Trash #1611 PH3's Fat Boy Athletic Club

Postby Ballerina » Sun Dec 01, 2019 12:43 am

What was the Hareraiser thinking? I know Hares are harder to cum by, but this? He will never Hare a trail like this again!

I arrived at the Start to find car-Hasher Tripod blocking the parking lot as he teched the Hare for directions as to the whereabouts of the beer truck. As I stepped out of my SUV to give him a deservedly hard time about that, I found the truck he was trying to catch up to, parked with the coolers exposed for all to see. Well, no need to chase down the Beermeister's truck now, it was mere inches away. Just Lix Dix who had arrived moments earlier walked over, and her face was lit up with joy. No need to do trail now.

Just as we began sampling some cold ones, the FRBs and FBIs of the Pack came stumbling and staggering in. They looked in horrible shape, clutching their bellies as if stuffed to the gills, the leg muscles cramped, their faces grimacing in apparent pain, with some mumbling incoherently. "Muad Dib, Muad Dib, Muad Dib!!!" Star Whore kept piteously crying that as well, over and over again. This isn't Dune I yelled! She looked at me and said "you're right." Then started saying "no creek, no shiggy, too short, too short, too short…" WTF?!?

Holding up a beer cooler so all the Pack could see seemed to calm them down immediately. It also must have worked like a homing beacon, because just then Davey Crochet drove up. Then like zombies in one of the Dead shows, they followed Little Willy as he drove his beer cooler laden pickup truck a few feet to a nearby park pavilion. There the Pack, Bimbos, ****, and car-Hashers gathered feasting on tasty orange and white food, as if they hadn't already had enough. For the ****'s Death March Trail had been laid using cheese and marshmallow puffs, all 3,196' of it. It had started at Shoals Creek Park, with a BS at Shoals Creek Park II, and ended back at Shoals Creek Park. And being biodegradable, the trail marks had disappeared as the Hounds walked by. In addition, 1stXer Just Juliette brought leftovers from her and the ****'s Turkey Day dinner: mac n cheese and non-spinach greens.

All in by a long shot, Circle commenced led by Shiggy Pitts. Due to there being waaay Too Longs, 1stXers, and other uneducated members, Willy once again took one for the team and demonstrated how to do a proper down-down. Then the violations began:

Star for being an extra, extra, extra, waaay Too Long. Followed by HIV, Crusty The Clown, and CRIMP. 69 RPM snuck out, escaping her down-down, for now.

The **** for laying trail. No one was moved by his claims of having done it 3 times to ensure its Perfection. "Only" Star seemed appreciative of its length, saying it helped her ease back into Hashing.

The food, the trail, and possibly the quality beer, seemed to be too much for Shiggy, as he had to be reminded that a Virgin and 1stXers were present. Virgin Just Krista, along with 1stXers Just Debra and Just Juliette. And there was a Visitor: Three And A Half Inch from Palm Beach H3.

Davey for stealing Hired Snatch's rep by arriving at the Start long after the Pack had left on trail, yet curiously just after they came back. Willy for writing down 69 RPM's name as 69 RMP.

The **** for committing "marshmallow abuse", in using tasty snacks to mark trail. Just Lix Dix for arriving late and skipping trail. Debbie Does Digits for, well, why not? And Ballerina Booty Boy for having his fist on his head, "Head! Who said Head!?!..." as the last down-downs were being chosen. D3 again, for headgear.

The Pack included: Dawgy Style, Oops! I Crapped In My Pants (who should be Ruled 6 for leaving behind all the tabs he had collected for Deposit Slit. Maybe next time), Wee Little Bit, Glory Mole, MC Hasher, Ouch, Yoron Weed, Bodyglide.

It is the policy of this Scribe not to mention by name ****'s that, well, lay trails like these. So, A Lady, A Boy, And My Ass's, aka BAMA's, name was not written in the Trash for posterity. Ask me who ****ed this trail, and I will never speak BAMA's name. :twisted:

In addition, I have unofficially and not to be repeated, volunteered to lay next year's Fat Boy. May G have mercy on your soles.

Many thanks for a fun day to: Just Juliette, the ****, and our acting BM, Willy.
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