Red Dress Run

Red Dress Run

Postby Sani » Tue Feb 05, 2019 11:20 pm

All right all you wankers - info on the RED DRESS - Our charity - Suicide Prevention
Hares - Pisstisside :mrgreen: and Sanitary NOT :twisted:
Start Ace Hardware, 39 69! Lawrencville Hwy, Tucker

Time - Gather at 1:30 off (oooh :lol: ) at 2pm.
Cost $20 (three beer stops :D :D :D and maybe 4 :D :D and food at end. Complaints to 'Youron Weed' :twisted: :twisted: Sani will be accepting no complaints.

What to wear - seriously??? Your best red dress and heels and hat and gloves..... well some of those anyway.
Guys - don't wear anything under the dress so you can explain in the mens room - "yes, this is my family 'kilt' :o

Women - wear something under yours OK??? ;) And don't forget your make up and your great high heels. and remember - we really need to look better than the 'men' :evil: .

What will happen - well without underwear :twisted: ..... - Oh shit you mean for the hash, right? Well we start and drink and move on and drink and move on and drink. Not hard right? So far ....

Should you bring your Hash clothes for after??? NO. SERIOUSLY, NO :lol:

Dogs on leash ok. Should you bring kids? - Well only if they are yours.. :shock: . and you know where you left them. :twisted: . you know who you are right?. $5 for them

Is everybody happy??? OH yesssssss :D ON ON
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Re: Red Dress Run

Postby Head Nurse » Wed Feb 06, 2019 11:17 am

What Sani did not say was bring extra $$ for the charity.
We raised $250 last year for Piedmont Cancer Wellness Center and that was matched for a $500 donation. We can beat this and possibly help save someone's life. This is a cause close to our ❤
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Re: Red Dress Run

Postby Sani » Wed Feb 06, 2019 6:48 pm

Here is the link to donate online to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. You do not need to donate in memory of anyone nor do you need to mention the hash. ... e-to-afsp/

Thank you and a portion of your $20 for the hash will also go to this foundation. ON ON
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