Half Bandit XIV - 11/22/2018

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Half Bandit XIV - 11/22/2018

Postby On the Rag » Thu Nov 15, 2018 4:30 pm

In a convenient FAQ:

Q: WTF?!! Will There be Friends/Fun?
A: Yes! DribblesB4Shoots, OTR and several others!

Q: Is it a hash?
A: Not Xactly. Think rolling Par-Tay. Think Peachtree Pubcrawl, a bit off-season. We'll jog a bit, we'll drink a LOT.

Q: 7:15 am on Thanksgiving? Why so bloody early?
A: We’re subverting the ATC/Invesco XXX Half-a-Thong R@ce using only shortcuts and beer. We gotta start early.

Q: Beer/Partying?
A: Beer Stops = 4.5, including the Gold Dome, BigBore’s 490 Marietta St, North/Juniper, Oakland Cemetery and the Former Ted Gold Lot.

Q: How long this thing?
A: maybe 5 miles? Half the Thon – Twice the Fun.

Q: Where start?
A: Park near George St and MLKJr Drive SE (near Oakland Cem main gate). Walking distance from King Ctr Marta.

Q: Habeerdashery?
A: If you can get to OTR a 100% cotton wearable (dark/saturated colors, tight-knit weaves, work best), OTR will make a bespoke Half-Bandit item, ready for pickup at H-B Start. Send me a message.

Q: End?
A: Same as the start. We’ll have the final ½ Bandit BS near the cars near Oakland Cem, then wander over to the Ted Parking to see who we can find.

Q: Cost?
A: You wanna bring a six-pack, donuts, bananas? Wanna host a Beer Stop? Wanna bring your charming self? Dats cool, money just confuses the Bandits.

More Q’s? Ask OTR
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Re: Half Bandit XIV - 11/22/2018

Postby On the Rag » Tue Nov 20, 2018 7:24 pm

SIX BEER STOPS: situation critical! We need more Bandits!
text OTR if need info
(the original ATL area code) seven oh four - five four seven nine
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