S.O.B. Sunday Nov. 18th - Hand-Tossed

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S.O.B. Sunday Nov. 18th - Hand-Tossed

Postby Hand-Tossed » Wed Nov 14, 2018 8:20 pm

S.O.B. #675 - Sunday, Nov. 18, 2018

Hare: Hand-Tossed (and possible mystery co-hare!?!?)
Start: Kroger Marketplace
800 Glenwood Ave. SE
Atlanta, GA 30316

Time: Gather at 1:30, pack of at 2ish (pre-lube inside at the Kro-BAR starts at noon)
Cost: $8 for big kids, $4 for little ones

Great weather is projected. Trail is 3 miles, advanced strollering and well behaved animals welcome.

About S.O.B.: Aka the Slow Old Bastards, SOB is Atlanta's "premiere" in-town Sunday bi-weekly hashing experience with trails led by LEED-certified hares using only the finest locally grown cage-free organic flour and gently used Scotties' 2-ply toilet paper. Founded by Ghengis Kahn in 1185 after his conquest of Mongolia, our kennel is generally family, walker and Coffee Bean friendly. In 1976 it was honored with the Good Housekeeping Seal-of-Approval but stripped of the title four years later after Good Housekeeping learned what hashing actually was. Depending on how much the hare had to drink the night before, trails are generally between two to three miles in length with a roving beer stop to keep hashers happy and hydrated. For information about how to advertise your product in this space call Dick at (404) 3BL-OWME.
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Re: S.O.B. Sunday Nov. 18th - Hand-Tossed

Postby Hand-Tossed » Fri Nov 16, 2018 12:01 pm

Well folks, it looks like the gods have blessed us with great weather for Sunday's trail. In fact, chief meaty-urologist has predicted it to be a 9 on his Wizzometer. The salamander on the rock says "dust off those Keds, double knot your laces, grab your whistle and put on some yellow and head out to SOB-H17 (on your way to Utah), you won't be sorry I guarantee it."

And if the Beer Meister is dropping in, start packing those cooler with copious quantities of canned delicious icy cold adult beverages, for I predict the advent of a great thirst.

Trail is 3.2. beer stop at 2.0

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