Today!!! AH4/PH3 Joint Halloween Crawl - & Lost & Found!!

Today!!! AH4/PH3 Joint Halloween Crawl - & Lost & Found!!

Postby Jusslix » Sat Oct 27, 2018 11:42 am

Ghostly greetings!!! Please meet on the front side of George’s by the street so patio partakers can enjoy the pre-take-off hubbub! I understand that our first pre-luber is already there! Wonder what he’ll look like by 2 pm;)?!
I’ve also done something wrong (or right?) in life & have amassed a stash of lost & found items. Pls see moi/JLD if u are missing the following:
- black tee that says a certain photo company name (ehrm, $ Shot?)
- 2 teal camp chairs
- a fluffy creamish gypsy outfit
- a water bottle top
- an entire set of clothes??? (How did i miss the nekked guy;)?) - orange tee, khaki shorts, belt...
- & a certain co-hare’s happy coat (who i will see soon)
Hope to see lotsa folks today & remember your scariest of costumes (not yourself:-)) - mucho giveaways are planned!!
See ya soon!!!
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