New Years Eve Orphan/Chedderhead Prelube Hash

Please sir may I have some more. Established to fill in missing sunday hashes

New Years Eve Orphan/Chedderhead Prelube Hash

Postby Busted » Sat Dec 30, 2017 4:51 pm

Sunday 5 PM NOT AT Constitution Lakes Orphan Hash

START: 539 park ave, on the street by the Grant Park Rec Center.

Nice urban trail, with a trail trial in a hot tub -- or not, your call. You can stand next to the big ass bon fire if you prefer.

What's different about this Orphan?

Not starting at Constitution Lakes - it's 539 park ave
Not starting at 2 - it's at 5.
No shiggy -- it's so urban, you can bring your hipster friends.
You can go to SOB, then come to this one!

Did I mention fire and hot tub at the end?
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