The 11th Big Ass Fire SoCo - Friday 7:30

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The 11th Big Ass Fire SoCo - Friday 7:30

Postby Busted » Wed Jan 12, 2022 6:53 pm

'Tis a fortnight night after Christmas and o’er at Red’s Farm.
There is much activity, with trees getting sawn.
The trees are stacked by the burn barrels with care
A sign that Southern Comfort soon will be there.

SoCo gathers this Friday at 7:30
Trail will be easy, you may not even get dirty.
Start at 737 Woodlawn Avenue.
The Episcopal Church Start, where we hope to see you.

Hares with their flour, and toilet paper too
Are laying a trail that is meant just for you.
The neighbors have no problem, so it is said
Except for the one wishing Pussy Pilot dead

And at Red’s farm, there shall be such a clatter
Bitch Fork will spring from her bed to see what’s that matter.
Away to the window she’ll fly with a flash
To see the OnIn! and that its SoCo Hash.

Hounds will come in on the freshly laid flour
Will warm by the fire for hour upon hour.
It’s BYOB so bring your beer,
Cuz that’s the only way that it will appear.

In case you missed the blue highlights:

This Friday, 7:30,
Fire Ending,
Start TBD but vicinity East Atlanta Village within walking distance to the traditional ending.
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Re: The 11th Big Ass Fire SoCo - Friday 7:30

Postby Busted » Thu Jan 13, 2022 10:43 am

Start: Holy Comforter Episcopal Church
737 Woodland Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

If you're a car hasher, please park at the start, then follow trail 1/4 mile to the OnIn - Walk north on Woodland, turn left on Mercer then walk 744.12' to the OnIn.

Let's not piss off neighbors by over crowding the already crowded dead-end gravel roads leading to the OnIn.

If you're doing trail, follow trail four miles to the OnIn.

Friday, February 14th, Gather at 7, Hares depart at 7:30.


If you have a Christmas Tree to get rid of, you can bring it to the start, then throw it in the back of Busted's black F150.
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