Monday 21 December TACKY LIGHTS TOUR!

Group forms Monday night at 7 PM and always ends at a restaurant. You only pay if you drink and eat. Great way to get over the back to work blues.

Monday 21 December TACKY LIGHTS TOUR!

Postby double suck » Sun Dec 20, 2020 8:27 pm

Monday, December 21, meet up at 7, on out at 730
Hares are Sani Claus, RamaHoHoHo, and Duh-Bell Sack (work with me here)

Meet at the aforementioned New Realm Brewing parking lot for pre-lubing and holiday tackifying. Bring warm holiday spirits and bottles to share safely, own vessels for receiving said shared spirits, masks to wear before imbibing, during singing, and after arriving (so, the vast majority of the time is what I'm trying to say, pretty please)!

The hares are bringing some gluhwein to warm you, and our little elf Jackass will bring his cargo bike/sleigh to help with transporting that and any other group offerings (like other holiday-type drinks, not loading him down with everyone's spare beer that you could just carry in your pockets).

We'll meander down the Beltline and do some singing of actual Christmas carols (hoping Dirty Limerick will be there to accompany!), some drinking (your results may vary), some merry-making (or bah-humbugging, takes all kinds), and meander back for more boozes and foodzes at New Realm, which has plenty of heated outdoor space, I'm told.

A merry Tacky Lights to all and to all a Hash night!
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