BSH3 812 - April 25 Aw Burnt Out & Slim Prickens

Gathers every other Sunday at 1:30 PM with the hare(s) off at 2 PM. This is ALWAYS ALIVE HARE. If not

BSH3 812 - April 25 Aw Burnt Out & Slim Prickens

Postby davey » Fri Apr 23, 2021 8:22 pm

Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY! April 25th. Black Sheep trail. Meet at 1:30 pm, hares out at 2:00 pm, pack begins to chase and work out complex math problems a few minutes later. (Remember your calculators). Same old instructions: drink, run, get wet and dirty, drink, change clothes, drink, cool off on the complementary ice block, drink, make fun of others, rinse, repeat...
Special Note: Wheelhopper H3 is having their Spring Dress Ride so we will On-After with them at their final stop, The Elder Tree in EAV. Bring a lovely spring dress to fit in if you want -the sexier the better!

Exchange Park, 2771 Columbia Drive, Decatur, GA 30034
Hares: Aw'Burned Out and Slim Prickens
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