Tablerock Campout

Gathers every other Sunday at 1:30 PM with the hare(s) off at 2 PM. This is ALWAYS ALIVE HARE. If not

Tablerock Campout

Postby Sani » Wed Mar 18, 2020 8:20 pm

After talking with many of you and after thinking long and hard we are cancelling the Tablerock Campout on March 27-29. This was not an easy decision but we came to the conclusion we needed to take care of each other and this is the best way. We get to having a good time and forget the 6 ft. separation and we really would be happy that no one gets this in the hash due to BSH3. Money is being refunded to those who paid.

Shady Lady was also very much in favor of not doing this. Let's hope corona :evil: virus is gone before Hartwell.... :D
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