Sunday 16 February - Friar and Dribbles B4 He Shoots

Gathers every other Sunday at 1:30 PM with the hare(s) off at 2 PM. This is ALWAYS ALIVE HARE. If not

Sunday 16 February - Friar and Dribbles B4 He Shoots

Postby davey » Fri Feb 14, 2020 10:11 am

Start is Atlanta Lube Depot!
5500 S Cobb Dr, Smyrna, GA 30080
1:30 pm meet, 2 pm start
Hared by
Friar F*ck (a/k/a SEMENarian)
Dribbles Before He Shoots
I wouldn't bring your dogs, cats, parrots, but check back here on Saturday, because it might be possible.
Do bring your gerbils!
Enemas on trail!
Ice pack at/on the end!
Take your Truvada!


Several important last minute announcements:
1. PARK YOUR VEHICLES IN THE REAR (see photo, below).
2. Atlanta Lube Depot doesn't have a street sign. Look for 5500 (the development's main address). It's across the street from the cemetery.
3. Trail is gerbil friendly.
4. Give-aways you won't need a medication to cure!
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