Sunday 2/2/20 Black Sheep Tutu trail #6

Gathers every other Sunday at 1:30 PM with the hare(s) off at 2 PM. This is ALWAYS ALIVE HARE. If not

Sunday 2/2/20 Black Sheep Tutu trail #6

Postby davey » Mon Jan 27, 2020 3:37 pm

From Double Suck:

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

2/2 2/2 2/2!

Tutu Tutu Tutu!

Put on your frilly best and see what a cross between livestock and ballerinas looks like.

2/2/20 Tutu trail #6

Hared by Double Suck and super-secret mystery Double

meet up 130p, hares out 2p

sheep out 205, or later, if you'd like to give us a little more time!

Start: Ronald Gaines Park

5285 Lakeside Dr, Union City, GA 30291

Follow the road around the park to Etris-Darnell Senior Center and park in that lot

Party City and Amazon both have pretty good selections of tutus available!

Also, open to ideas for on-after Superbowl viewing!
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