Peachtree Rogue R*ce - July 4th!

Peachtree Rogue R*ce - July 4th!

Postby Tits Don't Fit » Wed Jun 10, 2020 11:43 am

Hear ye, hear ye! A Peachtree Rogue R*ce shall be held in this year..2020 years after the birth of our Lord Jesus Chr*st, who cannot go hashing for he is hung like this..the year of reckoning for all sneezers, coughers, and fevers..the year hornets did do in the internet..and a bunch of other terrible stuff..but FEAR NOT!

You shall be redeemed by an unbelievably hot and sweaty 10k at 8:30am up and down several hills on a major street in downtown ATL with your favorite Wheelhoppers escorting you with beer.

FOR $10 WHOLE DOLLARS you will receive BEER, a commemorative patch, and AH4 + Wheelhopper trail credit. R*nners/c*clers will also get a r*ce bib and finisher medal. There are coordinated mile markers/beer stops for those who are not able/interested in running a 10k.

Follow the link for details. We are doing things a bit different this year to adjust to there being no official race, so please READ carefully. Please also RSVP so that we can prepare for the appropriate numbers and beer.
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Re: Peachtree Rogue R*ce - July 4th!

Postby fuckeye » Fri Jun 26, 2020 7:30 am

Get your rego in if you want goodies and beer.
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Re: Peachtree Rogue R*ce - July 4th!

Postby Tits Don't Fit » Thu Jul 02, 2020 2:23 pm


8:30 AM ON OUT!

1. MASKS ARE REQUIRED FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS. Runners, cyclers, drinkers BRING A MASK. Of course you can take them off during physical exercise and/or drinking (while remaining socially distant) but you will need one for hanging at beer stops, circle, walking around public spaces, if the cops or press show up, IDGF just have one and take it seriously.

2. Beer Stops - Adhere to beer stop guidelines!!
Socially distance.
Wear a mask if you're just chilling.
At all stops a lead person will be sanitizing their hands, and/or wearing gloves, and handing each person their beer to eliminate the possibility of YO NASTY ASS HANDS contaminating everyone. Some stops will also have a table with pre-distanced beers to remind you not to bumrush a cooler. People get distracted though! Be patient, don't be grabby. Ask if you're not sure if something has already been sanitized.
Hand sanitizer will be available at all beer stops. Use it, it is there for you to feel and be safe.

3. Traveling Bike Cooler - same rules apply!
Don't be grabby. Ask Jackass to hand you a beer or where sanitizer is available BEFORE you touch his bike.

On after at your own discretion/risk. We have 40+ people rego'd at this point. It no longer feels like a smart idea to attempt a coordinated brunch. That said we are aiming to provide individually wrapped snacks.

Be smart.
Marta is running - check out the schedule for red line / gold line below.

6. Bring exact change so that Just Lix/Jackass don't have to give you grubby ass bills. $10 hash cash.

7. I will be at SLUT tonight. If anyone would like to prepay for their rego and/or pick up a $2 patch I will have patches with me :)

8. A reminder NO ONE should feel pressured to go outside their safety comfort zone. If you would like to bring your own beer/drink cooler (like our BYOB trails) you are more than welcome to and will not be asked to pay $10. You can still pay $2 and receive a patch if you're into that.

Special Note from Tits Don't Fit: I am not playing y'all. I DO NOT want to feel responsible or be held responsible for anyone contracting COVID and I certainly DO NOT want COVID from you because you ain't out here acting right. AH4 and the entire ATL hash community is supporting this endeavor, so that it can be a safe and organized event rather than a shit show. Please STAY HOME if you feel unwell, have been exposed to COVID19 and not received a confirmed negative test since exposure, or if you plan on acting like an inconsiderate jerkoff. If you want to argue about civil liberties and your rights over community health, just run the damn thing an hour later on your own time. I WILL advocate that individual/s be banned from hash participation for not respecting group safety and I flex hard. :twisted:
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Re: Peachtree Rogue R*ce - July 4th!

Postby Lawrence of a Labia » Fri Jul 03, 2020 9:51 am

Can we get a paypal or zelle address to pay hash cash digitally to minimize contact?
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