Saturday 30 May - Knight Stalker hares Pinelake

The Pinelake Hash House Harriers run in and around the metro area every Saturday at 2:30pm. Join them if you wake up too late to make it too Atlanta

Saturday 30 May - Knight Stalker hares Pinelake

Postby davey » Thu May 28, 2020 3:29 pm


Hared by Knight Stalker
Start: Orpheus Brewing Company, 1440 Dutch Valley Pl NE

<assuming 2pm meet for starting trail when yo' good and ready>

Trail will be A to A'. I am looking into finding an ending in the woods near the start. That way people can still bring their own beer if they don't want to buy from Orpheus.

Orpheus will be selling COLD cans of beer. Any six packs purchased will be room temperature, so you will need to bring ice. There will also be an excellent BBQ food truck!!

1)Wear masks at start and when signing up.
2)Maintain 6' distance at all times, esp beggining and end.
3)Masks at end!

Help keep our hash elders safe! Don't show up if you've been exposed or are symptomatic, and show love/ respect by sexually harassing from a distance. We all want to pinch Shiggy and Willy's butts when this is all over.

No cost for hash. Bring or buy your own quality beer!
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Re: Saturday 30 May - Knight Stalker hares Pinelake

Postby Knight Stalker » Thu May 28, 2020 11:44 pm

There will be a runner/walker split. I may direct the walkers on the split rather than mark it. Will let walkers know at chalk talk.
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