S.O.B. #865 - 4/7/19

Trail every other Sunday afternoon

S.O.B. #865 - 4/7/19

Postby Calamari Richard » Fri Apr 05, 2019 9:53 am

S.O.B. #685 - Sunday April 7, 2019
Hare: Virgin Opener

Start: Hairston Park
Address: 889 S Hairston Rd, Stone Mountain GA
Map to start: https://tinyurl.com/y2n6p4qr

Time: Gather at 1:30, pack of at 2ish
Cost: $8 for big kids, $4 for little ones

About S.O.B.: Aka the Slow Old Bastards, SOB is Atlanta's "premiere" in-town Sunday bi-weekly hashing experience with trails led by LEED-certified hares using only the finest locally grown cage-free organic flour and gently used Scotties' 2-ply toilet paper. Founded by Italian vikings in 1448, our kennel is generally family, walker and hamster friendly. After years of investigation into alleged collusion with other nefarious hashes in the region, SOB recently exonerated itself of any and all wrongdoing - including the watering down of its Natty Light down downs. Depending on how much the hares had to drink the night before, trails are usually (but not always) between two to three miles in length with a roving beer stop just for the hell of it ;)
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