DUFF/PMS Sunday April 7 trail and brunch

Drinkers United For Fun H3
We are a Wednesday evening drinking kennel with trail once a month. Wednesday evenings are at Elder Tree Pub in EAV. Every third Wednesday of the month features a different bar and will be posted with enough time for plans to attend to be made. Trail dates and times are decided by the hare that month. There is no real rhyme or reason to the when or where. You'll have a great time! No promises though.

DUFF/PMS Sunday April 7 trail and brunch

Postby LickHoleAh » Wed Apr 03, 2019 10:46 am

The last day.... we've made it to the finish line! Brunch for all those that paid for Saturday's Orange Dress and a Harriette only hash with PMSH3 to round out the festivities.

Brunch will start with the beverage bar opening around 11am, with food being served around 11:30am after our tenacious Harriettes return from their trail! Brunch location will be posted later in the week.

PMSH3 - a Harriette only kennel - will also be joining in on the DUFFH3 Orange Dress shenanigans Sunday, April 7, 2019! So, if you're a Harriette and would be up for some fun, come let Double Suck, Easy Head Job, and No Slip Grip be your hares for what's sure to be an adventure of epic proportions! If the behind the scenes is any indication......

When: Sunday, April 7, 2019. Show at 10am/Out at 10:30am
Where: AutoZone 1208 Moreland Rd SE, Atlanta
What: Harriettes coming together to do what we do best - hash, booze, and brunch! Bring hash gear and dry clothes. The shiggy will be insane!!
Hares: Double Suck, Easy Head Job, and No Slip Grip
Cost: $10 if you paid for Saturday's Orange Dress/$20 if you are just joining for Sunday ($10 for brunch/$10 for charity).
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