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R2H3 Trail #111 D'Erections

PostPosted: Tue Sep 07, 2021 12:22 pm
by Hugh Heifer
NEXT TRAIL of the local R2H3! Trail #111
(Back to running after last month's river escapade)
Saturday, September 11th
Sign in at 2:30, Hares away at 3!
Cost is $6 (ice fee)
Hares: In My Behind and Aw Burned Out
Where: Walmart Supercenter, 825 Cartersville Hwy SE, Rome, GA
Please park in spaces furthest away from the Walmart, closer to the highway.
You should bring a change of clothes, shoes, fleshlight, chair if you like to sit, towel, bug spray, bear repellant,... and as always a $6 donation for ice is compulsory. Without reserve, hares are calling it a 5 on the shiggy meter and you will get wet unless you can walk on water and we all know Jesus can't go hashing for many reasons which have been enumerated in song...
Should anyone have fear of this shiggy but still enjoys malty beverages, the Hares would appreciate a volunteer Bimbo who will be rewarded with said beverages.