R2H3 Trail Trash #108 - Duck and Cover!!

Rumblin' Roman Hash House Harriers located near and about Rome

R2H3 Trail Trash #108 - Duck and Cover!!

Postby Hugh Heifer » Mon Jun 14, 2021 3:49 pm

R2H3 Trail Trash #108
Some days the RA just does all he can to provide appropriate weather for the hares and the pack. Sometimes it is just as appropriate to punish hares for their pre-laying sins. Of course, if the RA calls for a danger close strike, well, he too can be screwed.
So was trail 108. Just prior to sign in there was a deluge and pretty much most of the hares’ pre-lay was washed away. With little worry, the hares were off promptly at 3PM to re-lay the entire abomination. The rest of the pack (all four of us) and the bimbo (making it five), gave Terrorish and the replacement hare, 30 Rage Hole, their head start and just prior to our departure, Monkey Dread and Valcumrie rolled in to tell us they would not be rolling in. They did however let us know that there were marks near Aventine.
As the pack rolled out, the rains hit us too and as we trudged across Broad Street and onto the Riverwalk, marks became more and more sparse and the rains became more and more prominent. We found marks across the Lock Bridge but then turned around as they seemed to end without explanation. By now the rain was subsiding but had already done damage to the newly laid marks.
The pack slowly made their way up 1st Avenue and then across 2nd on 4th Street. The dollops of flour that had turned to dribbles were now nothing but a memory. But behold, Purple pill located a bright red hare arrow that led us up University and through an alley before we ran into a backyard. A party of ankle biters suddenly assailed us with water balloons and water cannons! This was hilarious and as we did our best to hold off the assault it was no use. Eventually we were able to solve the riddle that opened the back gate and we made our escape. Hugh heard from CBT who had decided to short cut and she made her way directly for the River District where she found a mark or two before running no no to Avenue A where she eventually met the rest of the pack at the shot check. The rest of the pack eventually found themselves on new marks that had been spared by the short rain storm and travelled past the Days Inn and then down to the library before running along the river and up the muddy cliff beside Olive Garden. They crossed the river on Turner McCall and met CBT near Avenue A.
The pack had their fill of Jello shots and CBT volunteered to carry the cooler to the finish as she had already been there once. In just a few minutes the pack was in to discover NFN Lenoir had joined us and eventually the entire Lick & Felter clan showed up as well.
The pack did their best to finish off the super old beer – the dregs of the 100th! There were plenty of down downs but when it came to the Beermunity necklace, well, it had not been located. Worse yet, when Terrorish went back to collect it from its hiding place? IT WAS GONE!!! That’s right, some homeless person is now enjoying the sacred Beermunity necklace! Of course we found a way to blame Terrorish for this and he got the Long Arm. I guess it is time for a new one necklace. It was bound to happen.
OnOnOn was at the Foundry as a change of pace and, although not heavily attended, it was a fine hash and a fun day. Thanks for the trail hares! Next month its Yes They Match on July 10 at 3PM. Hope to see everyone there!
“Hashing is fun! See you on Trail!” - Hazukashii
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