R2H3 Trail #107 De'erections - Founders Day!

Rumblin' Roman Hash House Harriers located near and about Rome

R2H3 Trail #107 De'erections - Founders Day!

Postby Hugh Heifer » Sun May 02, 2021 2:08 pm

R2H3 Trail #107 De'erections - Founders Day!

This Saturday...Saturday, Saturday, Saturday May 8th - Trail #107.. The Roman beloved hash anal versey...BRING OUT your lube and bend over....for Ram-a- Prick-In-My-Behind trail experience!

When: May 8, 2021; Sign in at 2:30; Hares away at 3PM; a Saturday to remember - that’s what “He said!” ass hasn’t felt the same since….

Where: Northwest Park 605 Lynton Dr, Cedartown, GA 30125 back parking lot near end of road

Hares: No Child Left In My Behind, Ram-a-Ho Poken, and Slim Prickins

Shiggy Level: 4 to 4.5 ish range

Length: Cum out run trail...it is a GOOD LENGTH! That’s what “She said!”

Price: $6 which gets you a great time, beer, and a few surprises…(remember your lube!)

Other STUFF: Bring the typical hash gear, sunscreen, bug spray, chair, change of clothes, whistle, SONG, etc, etc…."With sexy hares like this, you are bound to get wet up to your good stuff."
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