R2H3 Trail Trash #106 - Better to be Lucky than Good!

Rumblin' Roman Hash House Harriers located near and about Rome

R2H3 Trail Trash #106 - Better to be Lucky than Good!

Postby Hugh Heifer » Mon Apr 12, 2021 9:16 pm

There are a few things that are to take place at all hashes. The first is that there be hares with a trail, the second is that there be hounds, the third is that there be beer. Most hashes have a very handsome bloke who is called the Religious Advisor. This RA has many responsibilities: entertaining the pack is one. Another is to control the weather. The finest RAs will only allow precipitation before, during or after certain trails in order to either enhance the experience with mud, snow, ice; further challenge the pack; or completely torment the already afflicted hares. Most often, though, the RA simply uses all his special powers to prevent precipitation at all cost and bring sunshine and rainbows.
Well, it so happens that the R2H3 has a particularly powerful (if not just lucky) RA and after threat of rain was hyped by all the world's meteorologists, he changed all that minutes before the hares were away and the R2H3 was showered in sun and moderate temperatures!

Speaking of luck, the hares had their own luck as well. The pack of about 12 met in the 1700 block of Cave Spring Road and sent Yes They Match and Vincent Van Blow off at precisely 3PM. The pack did their thing and welcomed Pissticide back from a hiatus at the Atlanta Conglomerate. We were off after the requisite 10 plus 2 and were immediately on flour that led us briefly north on Cave Spring Road before turning us up into the woods opposite the mountain that holds Blacks Bluff Preserve. This area had been logged a few years ago leaving behind numerous trails and with the fine weather there were superb views. The pack was briefly confused by trail climbing into a deer stand before discovering they had missed a check. Once on again, the pack found the beer check down near the Coosa River in the woods just off Blacks Bluff Road. So far, trail, albeit challenging, appeared well scouted by the hares. At just under 3 miles in, we figured we would all be in before we knew it. Boy were we wrong.

We crossed Blacks Bluff toward the mighty Coosa and then headed down stream towards Alabama. This is when things got a little sketchy. As the pack continued to have to crawl over, under or around closed gates and barbed wire fences we all surmised that due to YTM's life long relationship with Rome, she certainly must have known all the people whose yards we were defiling. We found out later that was not the case. In truth, the hares had not scouted this at all on foot and it was only by further awesome luck that we all managed to get through this without being shot at (although there was an offer to do so by a rather amused property owner who allowed us to hash straight through his horse farm and his confused horses.)

Eventually we neared the Lock and Dam Park off Walker Mountain Road which required us to swim a ditch. The earlier rains had made this a chilly dip but the air temp was perfect enough none of us suffered. Eventually, we were on-in at the park and found a fairly secluded spot for our après.

Ramaho Pokin and Luv Bug 69 called for alternate d'erections and ended up taking the not so scenic route up Walker Mountain Road rather than risk the wrath of the property owners and they brought it up the rear. Ramaho was a sight - not quite covered in mud.

It has been a while since we have had such an easy time with a naming. NFN Alex shared a story of gettin' jiggy with some chick out at the Richard B. Russel airport. This story caused us to forego the fantastic name "Foam Full Facial" and instead, NFN Alex shall be known as "Touch & Blow."

Shitigation sang us out and most of us met at a very crowded River Dog Outpost for some post Hash beers and then off to Tor Taco and points west.
Great job by the hares - proving that, at times, it is, in fact, better to be lucky than good. Come on out for Founders' Day next month. Hared by No Child, Ramaho and Slim down in Cedartown. Shitigaton is preparing himself for his debut as RA for the Day and Hugh may be grilling some weenies as a Founders' Day treat.
See you May 8th! Hares away at 3PM sharp!
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