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R2H3 Update! Still every 2nd Saturday!

PostPosted: Sun Jul 26, 2020 7:08 pm
by Hugh Heifer
Howdy Hashers!
Just letting you all know that the Rumblin Roman H3 finally had an overdue Mismanagement meeting which is normally held in April but COVIDs kinda derailed us. We have an updated Mismanagment - some new / some old and have Hares through April 2021!

If you have never Hashed with the R2H3 give us a go. Just a short drive up I-75 to Cartersville and then hang a left.
We generally post our starts on the new OnIn message board and on FB. If you would like to join our closed group, find Rumblin Roman Hash House Harriers on FB and ask a mod to let you in.
No FaceSpace? No problem. Check out our website and send us an email and ask for d'erections if they have not been posted in the new OnIn forum.

"Hashing is fun, see you trail!" - Hazukashi