R2H3 Trail #116 D'Erections

Rumblin' Roman Hash House Harriers located near and about Rome

R2H3 Trail #116 D'Erections

Postby Hugh Heifer » Fri Feb 11, 2022 4:50 pm

R2H3 Trail #116 - RED DRESS (or any red) RUN
When: 02/12/2022; Sign in at 2:30, Hares away at 3:00
Where: Alto Park Softball Complex (34.2492671, -85.2540119)
Hares: Touch N Blow and Shitigation
Shiggy level: 4.4
What else: Bring warm hashy clothes and a change of clothes in your dry bag, your hash crap, necklace, whistle, bag, your red dress or red garb of any kind of course, chair, and whatever other necessities you please.
Those not in red in celebration of Hallmark Day will be shamed.
Cost is $6 ice fee.
See you on trail.
Hugh Heifer
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