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R2H3 Trail Trash #115

PostPosted: Mon Jan 10, 2022 12:43 pm
by Hugh Heifer
R2H3 Trail Trash #115
Once again another fine day for a hash in Rome, Georgia. The weather was lovely and clear with rains holding off until Sunday.

The hares, 30 Rage Hole and Shitigation had the pack meet up at the campground lot behind State Mutual Stadium on the Armuchee Connector. The pack numbered about 10 with the hares and Terrorish the Bimbo.

As is the norm, hares were off precisely at 3PM (we all love punctuality at the R2H3) and after a little Father Abraham, the pack gave chase. We ran behind the Braves stadium and then through just a little shiggy leading us back to the bike trail. Under GA-1  before a check had us scattering. Once solved, a check back 14 befuddled a couple of the FRBs but was quickly solved by the rest of the pack. The pack ran down Riverside Parkway until we caught up to Lick & Felt Her as he was leaving the beercheck. Seem L&F had ignored the bad trail and hit Riverside early putting him well ahead of the rest of the hounds.

After the beercheck, there was a leisurely jog on Turner McCall across the river  where we all could see just how flooded the park and jogging trails were. We then found our way to the Lock Bridge and a short back check that allowed the hares to point and laugh from their perch high above 2nd Avenue atop the MSP building that was finish.

Quick, no nonsense trail by the hares.

We circled atop the MSP building. Lick & Felt Her was FRB, Purple Pill the FBI and CBT was sweeping with honors as DFL. Terrorish was thanked for Bimbo duties with a down-down and of course the hares took the brunt of the violations for their shitty trail!

Once we swung low, we adjourned to River Dog for a few pints and a campfire before adjourning.

It was a really nice day for a hash and it was fun to see the backsliders - Touch and Blow, All Burnt Out and Lick & Felt Her.

Come on out for the February Red Dress to be hared by Shitigation and friends on February 12 and help us think up a name for NFN Dirk!

Remember to post up to Facebook if you would like to hare a trail - I think everything after May might be open. Keep an eye on the ever changing hareline on the page.

And also remember, "Hashing is fun! See you on trail!"