10/4 Oink Oink - Double Suck & Knight Stalker @ Northlake

Hog Mountain where Beavers are ALWAYS Wet! The best and deepest shiggy in the area that prides themselves on trails that are always dog friendly but never stroller friendly. You'll get wet and best of all drink your down down with the Hogs. Monthly hash alternating with Bear Creek and Black Sheep.

10/4 Oink Oink - Double Suck & Knight Stalker @ Northlake

Postby davey » Sun Oct 04, 2020 7:14 am

It's 10-4, so feel free to wear Convoy costumes on trail... if you want to wreck your Convoy costumes.

Hared by Double Suck and Knight Stalker, who both still need HMH3 names.

Slightly less wet and less long than my last Hog Mtn. Good thing half minds have sh*t memory, so believe me when I tell you this will be a fantastic, easy, but hideously un-scenic trail! ;)

Start (and end) at ye olde Sports Authority behind Northlake.
Northlake Pkwy NE, Atlanta, GA 30345

Meet up 130, hares out 2, hogs out 5 minutes later or whenever they manage to get the apples out of their holes.

BYOEverything-butt-the-body-and-blood-of-oinker. Knight Stalker has some spicy tequila for us, and I'll procure some of the body.
You'll need dry clothes, sea legs, friends you don't want to be friends with anymore, beverage of choice/ last resort, and a little extra quality beer to pour out for our beloved ones lost on trail. <3 RA
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