Hog Mountain where Beavers are ALWAYS Wet! The best and deepest shiggy in the area that prides themselves on trails that are always dog friendly but never stroller friendly. You'll get wet and best of all drink your down down with the Hogs. Monthly hash alternating with Bear Creek and Black Sheep.


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Who: You

What: An entire weekend of hashing, splashing, and crashing culminating with Hog Mountain 223 and Annual Mismanagement Elections where drunkeness and shouting while your mouth is full of your rib, mac and cheese, and corn dinner is encouraged

    7:30 Friday, Southern Comfort HHH.

    2:00 Saturday, Pinelake H4.

    2:00 Sunday, Hog Mountain H4
When: Gather anytime from Friday noon and stay until Monday noon.

Where: Red Top Mountain State Park's Pioneer Campground. 101 Webster Ferry Landing, Cartersville, GA 30121

Why: To get away from life for a few days the way the CDC recommends: (1) Out of enclosed spaces, (2) washing your hands endlessly while splashing in the lake, and (3) easily and naturally keep distance from others - about length of a float.

Special Instructions:

You don't need a boat but you Do Need to bring your own Beer, vittles, and virgins.

Propane grill available for cooking. Water is also available. BYOB and anything else you need to survive time at a lake side pioneer campground for up to three nights, except that I couldn't help myself.

Food Change 1: I just started cooking my ribs for the weekend, and other stuff, and it is just as easy to cook ten as it is one. So? ...while supplies last, food after each hash. But it'll cost ya!

No sign up, Just show up.

Hashes will be free so long as you BYOB and water. But there will probably be a cooler full of stuff that I don't like and want to get rid of in case you plan poorly or want to pay.

Gratuitous safety stuff. Use common sense. [/size]We all have our own risk tolerance. Assume you have asymptomatic covid-19. Or assume the person next to you has tuberculosis.

Safety enforcement: You can shoot anyone that comes within six feet of you with a water cannon. They cannot retaliate. Oh! Special instruction: Bring a super soaker!

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