Friday June 25th- Stupid's final hash in Atlanta

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Friday June 25th- Stupid's final hash in Atlanta

Postby Jackass » Wed Jun 16, 2021 5:57 pm

You know the drill, pays your money, takes your chances.

Hares: Stupid is as Stupid does and Jackass

Start: Value Village on Moreland, using it before we lose it.

Cost: $5 for food at end, you will be fed.

Beer: This will still be BYOB, there will be a beer stop.

Last rights: Bring a chair, headlamp, change of clothes, and dry shoes. Leave your attitude at the start, better yet, at home. Get ready for a solid trail full of shiggy. As Shiggy Pits says "Many will die", but you will have fun doing it. Come and send Stupid off, you'll glad you did.

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