Half Bandit XXIII: Thanksgiving, 11/24, 7.20 am

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Half Bandit XXIII: Thanksgiving, 11/24, 7.20 am

Postby On the Rag » Thu Nov 17, 2022 4:42 pm

Q: OTR, are you still doing this Bandit thing?
A: Yes, thanks for asking! This will be the XXIIIrd in the Half-B Series since 2008. More than 480,000 R@cists on Two Continents have participated, mostly unwittingly; somewhere in the 100s of Bandits have participated, many also unwittingly. Reports are consistent: Fun and Deeply Twisted!

Q: Is it a hash? Do I need to r*n?
A: The ½ Bandit is a Party, Inside a R@ce. Think Peachtree Pubcrawl… a bit off-season. We’re gonna cover about 5 miles in 2 hours, while carrying beers; we may be forced to jog a bit, but only downhill.

Q: when is this again?
A: Thanksgiving Thursday Nov. 24, 7:20 a.m. gather. The sun is up.

Q: 7:20 am on a National Holiday? Why so bloody early?
A: Because there is a R@ce in Need of a Party. Bandits will be Sprucing Up the Atlanta Trax Half-a-Thong using only shortcuts and beer. To keep on Bandit schedule, we’ll on-out at 7:35a.

Q: Beer/Partying?
A: YES. Five Beer Stops at Marietta & North Av, GA Tech, North/Courtland, Irwin/Fort, and END near START.

Q: Where start?
A: Oakland Cemetery parking lot (Oakland Av and MLK SE), walking distance from MLK Marta.

Q: Can I join enroute?
A: HECK YEAH! Send a message to DebbiDoes or DribblesYounger or OTR and we’ll hook you up.

Q: End?
A: END near Mrs. R loft, Grant St just South of the rail viaduct, a line drive from START/Oakland Cemetery, about 10am.

Q: Cost?
A: $5. Give it to any hostess/mostess you want to.

More Q’s? Ask Debbi. DB4 or OTR
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