What, Saturday?; THIS SATURDAY?; With HOW MANY semicolons?;;

What, Saturday?; THIS SATURDAY?; With HOW MANY semicolons?;;

Postby Too Limp Clover » Fri Jul 29, 2022 2:07 am

What, Saturday?; THIS SATURDAY?; With HOW MANY semicolons?;;

Yes, it's that time of the weekend again, when punctuation is taken a dash too far, like that creaky knee you've ignored for a decade too long, or that text message your wiser self would never have answered, in better times, if only run-on, over-worked metaphors had not claimed you, like a dame who knows your favourite whiskey, but of course she does, because you tell them dames all the time, in the hopes of one more whiskey, and a smile from a stranger that doesn't turn out to be just another mirror across the room; a semicolon that's all semi, and no colon. You know what I mean.

And yes, I spelled favourite with a U. Get over it!

Wait, where was I? Oh, yes; Saturday, Saturnalia!

What's happening? AH4 #2168.

When? [checks calendar] Saturday! The one right in front of you. July 30th 2022. Day 1200 of the pandemic, though I'm not really hearing a lot of pan pipes. Maybe they're just eating a lot of bread in France?

Start time: gather at 1:30PM; 30 minutes of silence for semicolon; on-out at 2:00PM, sharp, then left.

Where? Approximately 3039 Wells St, Avondale Estates, GA 30002; there is on-street parking and in-development parking. We will be in the shade. Where the bee sucks, there suck we.

What to bring: The usual hash stuff. Virgins; dry shoes; clothes; camp chair; hash bag; that $100 you owe me.

Cost: As far as I can tell, AH4 is still BYOB, hence "free" apart from consequences and denial thereof? Bring beer and money and you can't go wrong. Trail is A-to-A if that helps.

Hares are Tits Don't Fit and Too Limp Clover.

Special instructions: Trail is dog friendly; shady in parts, how you like it; turkey options.

On-after at your place.
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