Sat. 3 July - A Very Patriotic Half-Bandit XIX

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Sat. 3 July - A Very Patriotic Half-Bandit XIX

Postby On the Rag » Mon Jun 28, 2021 6:23 pm

Everybody has heard that official Ptree Rd R@ce 2021 is over two days, right? So…

SATURDAY July 3, OnTheRag is putting on Half Bandit XIX to make proper use of the extra R@ce. (Do please look nearby, soon, for info on the Ptree Pub Crawl, Sunday 7/4. We can do BOTH!)

Half-Bandit XIX is FREE, BYOB, DIY and open to the whims and wisdom of whatever Bandits show up. It will RESEMBLE the canonical PubCrawl, yet with Many Delightful Differences (TBD). And beer!

MEET-UP Sat. 0640 (am!) is at 3179 Ptree, MoonDogs/Red Martini, whatever, across street from Ptree Methodist. Bandits will jump into the r@ce at 0700.

WHY SO FREAKING EARLY??? Excellent question. Atlanta Trax is splitting a REDUCED field across two days. They are STARTING early, with Seeds and A-wave out at 0630; they are ENDING early with the course rolling closed starting 9-ish. This thing is up-tempo. Therefore, Bandit Early.

BeerStops are BYO, OTR will bring some extras. Pauses and Stops will include Publix Donut Jesus, Fellini’s, Holy Water at St. Phil’s, Ptree Battle, Eiffel Tower Foto pause, Blackbear Tavern (if open), 1776 (if closed), Beer Mug memorial, grassy knoll at Temple, Our Lady Painful fountain, 10th Street END, 9:30-ish.

We’re gonna R-U?! like mad and make stuff up as we go. STILL Not a R@ce, but we will keep it moving along. And beer! Anyone want to Join, or Beer Us en route? Cum On-on!

Recommending MARTA (starts 4am) RedLine NoSpgs/Buckhead is best: exit and DITCH folks heading to official start. Instead, navigate toward Ptree & Piedmont, follow r@ce course to 3179. Look/listen for Bandits.

Questions, see OTR, On-on!
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