Atlanta hashing

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Atlanta hashing

Postby davey » Mon Apr 27, 2020 7:52 am

None* of the Atlanta kennels have decided to schedule hashes in the next couple of weeks, based on GM input and the current COVID case counts in GA. Each hash will make a determination based on the characteristics of that kennel (so, for example, Moonlite has restaurant endings but current state guidelines limit party size to 6 people max so that doesn't work). When we are hashing again, precautions like A to A trails, face masks, hand sanitizer, etc will most likely be in place.

The various GMs will be listening to the hounds for that kennel and hopefully will be able to start planning something after May 10th. This isn't really a forum for input or opinions but you can talk to your local GM :)

SLUT is aiming to do their thing again in June. Still hope to make Stinko de Mayo happen but will be in a few weeks or longer, depending on how case counts trend over the next two weeks or so. Each hash will have to have willing and able GMs, hares and beermeisters so things may come back piecemeal.

Don't shoot the messenger :) but on a serious note if you are suffering from isolation or lack of work/pay, please reach out to someone. There are small groups getting together for exercise and mental health reasons -- the hash is always a caring family.

* A modified Happy Hour Hash is still happening on Fridays. Details are on Facebook only, sorry.
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Re: Atlanta hashing

Postby davey » Mon May 11, 2020 12:53 pm

Update from 10 May...each hash will write their own guidelines using the general ideas below. STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK. First planned hash I know of is Saturday 23 May.

Below is a summary of a plan agreed by the Atlanta area mismanagement from all kennels. Each kennel will modify the plan to represent the safest measures for each group.

The goal of this plan is to allow those who want to and feel comfortable doing so to get back to hashing as safely as possible.

SoCo is aiming to be as self-directed as possible so that those who are eager to do trails can do so with as little risk as possible to all attendees. If there is no hare signed up for a particular date, there will be no SoCo for that date. 
For the first few hashes we ask that no out-of-towers or visitors join us, we will also require face coverings.

Dates have been posted on the SoCo website. if you would like to hare, sign up for a date there.
Trails will be an A-to-A or as close as possible. We ask that no transportation be provided from finish to start.

What to Expect
All SoCo trails will be BRING YOUR OWN BEER, DRINKS, AND SNACKS. Fee's will not be collected.

We will meet at our standard time. We ask that everyone wear a face mask at the start and remain a comfortable
social distance from other hashers at all times. Each individual is asked to stagger their start time.

Sign in will be non-contact. We ask that you sign in by leaving your name online with the start directions.
If you don't have an account ask someone at the start to complete your sign in.
A list will be kept of people that attend all hashes, to store at a central base to track if someone does get sick. 

We encourage all hounds to social distance by staggering each one of your start times.
The trail will be as usual, but we ask people to maintain proper distance between each other at checks, snares, etc…

The hare can designate who they would like to run circle. We ask that people wear a face mask at the end.
You can drink the beer or drink you brought under a bandana or through a straw with a face covering.
Circle will be as short as possible.

Please be respectful of others in their space.

All these guidelines are subject to change depending on how circumstances evolve.

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