MLK Day 2020 - "Hashers Not Trashers" @ Constitution Lakes

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MLK Day 2020 - "Hashers Not Trashers" @ Constitution Lakes

Postby davey » Mon Dec 02, 2019 11:37 am

The guy who founded and maintains the Dolls Head Trail at Constitution Lakes (Joel Slaton) is planning a service day on MLK Day (20 January 2020) and is looking for some help. Since hashers tend to tromp through / around there fairly often, it would be cool if we could get some people out that Monday. Will finalize things with him after the holidays, but please mark your calendars! Thank you!!

Update 3 December: "They can bring mud-boots if so inclined...prob meet at the main boardwalk... trash and privet removal, mostly...also, a new trail can be worked on...bags will be provided but volunteers will need to bring tools" - I will find out closer to the date specifics on that -- thanks! And Easy Head Job has graciously offered to provide some vittles and beer to reward the work after! :) We'll join other kennels in the "Hashers Not Trashers" theme (check out the Facebook group!)
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