SOB #654, 1/14/18 hared by Rama Ho Poken

Trail every other Sunday afternoon

SOB #654, 1/14/18 hared by Rama Ho Poken

Postby Proof Eat Her » Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:17 pm

This week's SOB will be starting at Lake Claire Park on McClendon Ave near Lakeshore Dr. You know, near L5P but not the larger Candler park.
No firm word on parking from the hare but it may be street parking. Rama Ho, if you can add any info please do.

It's going to be chilly again but I am told there will be a much needed fire pit at the end, along with chili and hot cocoa.
At least it's supposed to be dry.

SOB trails are generally 3 miles or less, always with a beer stop.
We gather at 1:30 and the pack takes off 2:15—2:20 because we're Slow Old Bastards.
Still a bargain at $8 for drinkers and $4 for kids and those observing Dryuary.

I'm not aware of the shiggy level but bring the usual stuff including dry clothes, something to sit on, and whatever else you need to be comfortable.
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Re: SOB #654, 1/14/18 hared by Rama Ho Poken

Postby double suck » Fri Jan 12, 2018 4:54 pm

You might be slow, but you post fast for us! Most of the above is true, but here's our official writeup:

Sunday Sunday Sunday! SOB #654 RamaHoPoken & Double Suck

It's that time to kick off the New Year the right way by breaking the resolutions we all know you can't keep and joining your fellow half minds on a kick ass SOB trail!
Your bodacious hares Double Suck and RamaHo with trusted sidekick Minnie Mouth have a great trail planned out for you wankers. It will be scenic. There will be wildlife. There will be painted rock stops (new mark: PRS). There will be shiggy for the little SoCo/BlackSheepers in training, with Turkey/Eagle split to avoid shiggy and wet feet.

Firepit ending with Cincinnati Chili, African Peanut Stew (for vegg-tards), hot chocolate and gluwein! Yes. We really are that cool.

Start: Lake Claire Park, Lakeshore Drive, NE, Atlanta (url above is perfect)
Park on the street, and look for gathering delinquents.
Gather 130p, hares out 2p, pack out whenever y'all can muster the strength.

Special Instructions: It will be cold, so dress appropriately, and bring dry clothes and shoes. Dog friendly ending, but if your pup is rude and uncool with other pups, please keep that one at home.

Special special instructions: There is a men's shelter near the start that currently needs cereal and sugar, so get started on your good deeds early this year and bring one to the start! We'll collect them and bring a supply to the fellas.
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