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 Post subject: Trail Trash #18 - The Edjumakator's Trail Trash!
PostPosted: Mon Oct 14, 2013 6:13 pm 
Ready for Rehab
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Trail Trash #18

The 18th trail of the Rumblin Roman Hash House
Harriers started pretty much like any other - sort
of. The pack was anticipating not two but FIVE
hares. All teachers in some form or fashion - to
lead us through shiggy and to some cold beers.
With an unfortunate situation on the home front,
Sparkle Tits had to bail (hope all is well)
bringing the hares to just four lovely ladies.
There was the lead hare: •••• Block & Tackle,
another seasoned hare: No Child Left in My Behind
form the Atlanta H4 and a couple newbies: Tickle
My Ivory and a virgin hare Aunt Germima.

The other exciting news was that the Atlanta H4
was cumming to make this their regular Saturday
Hash and apparently give their hare raiser a
break. The hares had made arrangements to start at
Heritage Nissan and the GM there was happy to
allow the miscreants to circle and Hugh to pedal
his wares. (For those keeping score we are about
3/4 away from breaking even on the hab.) About 19
hounds showed including the Virgins NFN Robert
(not Rob), Just Bo and Just Christine. We were
also graced with the presence of long time no seer
Sux 5th Avenue, the GM of the AH4 Double Rub Her
and a few other AH4 folk who made the trip to BFE.

The hares were away at a timely 3:06 after giving
instruction to the pack that they were to expect
shots, beers and railroad tracks. Cream Me Up, who
is still trying to get his stride at the job of
Hashmaster, got lost in the chalk talk which
fortunately was not an indication of things to
cum! (I will say the addition of starting the day
with a joke is a fine tradition!) Then it was a
little stretching via My Name is Joe and the pack
was off.

We ran along GA Loop 1 to Highway 53, made a left
and went directly into a creek. the pack stumbled
across an eviscerated deer [BARF] and then into
heavy shiggy until they reached the Teachers brand
scotch shot. By the time the FRBs left the bottle
was down to the bottom of the barrel of the bottom
shelf bottle of the bottom of the barrel and we
continued through the heavy shiggy. Trail was
heavily marked and we were thankful of that as it
kept the big group of front runners together and
moving. Suddenly we were out of the shiggy onto
the North Rome railroad track and we spied NFN Bo
and NFN Christie - WTF??? Where did they come
from? Were they spies? Had we been infiltrated by
some sort of Taliban Hashers who claim they are
Virgins but are there to capture our hares and
abuse them through some bunga?? The truth be told,
Just Bo has not been Hashing long enough to only
have half a mind and when he heard there were
tracks he made a bee line for them. Fortunately
for the hares, the virgins turned On-On and we
caught up to them at the beer check - which, by
the way, was marked by TMI with a "BN." Apparently
she was so excited to have arrived at that locale
she wanted the whole thing to be over!
After some cold bud lights and a smorgasbord of
beers from CBT's fridge, the pack was off again
and into the shiggy behind the Dodge dealership
until a check put trail back on itself just on the
other side of the track we ran down! The gamble
paid off and as a train approached, the pack found
a check below a trestle and trail leading to a
pipeline. As we made our way toward the finish at
the top of the water tower hill on North Highway
53, we were treated by a few jets putting on their
act above the Richard B Russell Airport - I hope
they did not pay for that with Hash Cash!!!! Me
and Too Limp Clover of AH4 arrived at the On In
first, followed by NFN Shady (also technically a
virgin) and the rest of the pack. Double Rub Her
took honors as FBI and Kawasukmi as DFL (though he
admitted he was thinking about shoving Luv Bug 69
backwards down the last hill to save himself but
why not keep a good thing going?)

Then it was time for circle. Hugh Heifer cooked
his wieners in honor of the AH4 invasion - the
invasion of four - and Cream Me Up got to it. As
he made his way through the numerous down-downs,
CBT reminded him that there was a visiting GM and
Double Rub Her was introduced to help out and
crack the whip. It seemed like NFN Tabitha's
arrival really threw off Cream's game but he held
it together and got us all toasty. Except the
hares who as I put it, were drunk as Cooter Brown
by the end! We swung low and about a half dozen of
us hit Mellow for the On After. Eventually, Aunt
Germima was poured into the back of Thumb In It's
Jeep to sleep it off while the rest of us ate and
drank and listened to Double Rub Her make
outrageous claims about her fantastic ••••••. The
people beside us were apparently not amused - but
I was so F 'em!

All in all it was a great day and a really well
laid trail. A perfect length, great shiggy and
cold beer. So keep up the good work hares, keep
supporting Cream Me Up as he continues to put
circles behind him and tune in next month for
trail 19 when Hugh Heifer will be heard saying,
"Seriously Officer, do these shorts make me look
fat?" or Kawasukmi say, "You can scrub as hard and
as fast as you want but you are not going to make
it change color any faster!"
Trail #19 hares are Hugh and CBT on November 9.
The start is in Celanese so bring your phrase

Hugh Heifer

- Life's hard - it's harder when you're stupid.
Hugh Heifer

 Post subject: Re: Trail Trash #18 - The Edjumakator's Trail Trash!
PostPosted: Wed Oct 16, 2013 3:40 pm 
Ready for Rehab
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Hilarious. I will never forget Double Rub Her's fantastic ••••••. So thanks for reminding me :-)


 Post subject: Re: Trail Trash #18 - The Edjumakator's Trail Trash!
PostPosted: Wed Oct 16, 2013 4:23 pm 
Ready for Rehab
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Joined: Sun May 13, 2012 10:03 am
Posts: 77
Location: The Hills of Appalachia
HaHa! That was redacted by I never noticed it! :lol:
It was fantastic though!

- Life's hard - it's harder when you're stupid.
Hugh Heifer

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