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 Post subject: R2H3 Trail #6 Trash - Courtesy of KYC
PostPosted: Tue Oct 16, 2012 2:18 pm 
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R2H3 Trail 6 Hash Trash 10/13/12 Cums now KY Confucktor, hereinafter "KYC",
attorney for the pack, who presents the following hash trash for the 6th running
of the Rumblin' Roman Hash House Harriers. The pack all met at yet another
elementary school, this time in a town called Armuchee. We had a new hare and an
old hare (or experienced hare?) NFN Matt looked nervous and pensive but it was
hard to tell with his zebra bandana, while Hugh was calm and confident
dispensing some new hab (finally bottle openers!) Nearly late to the party were
Thumb-In-It, NFN Dollene, and CBT who was in great form with her 1st-Class mini
bottles (and per NFN DD would soon be breaking the seal.) And with a game of
musical cars (because someone was "painting their pole") NFN Dave became the
first mark and the hounds were away. Chalk talk was had and was followed by what
Leaky and Oops later called "one of the best jokes ever." To say the frog story
got mixed reviews however would be generous. But it
killed the time and polarized the pack. (Next time we can all just tell
attorney jokes. Why does an attorney wear a neck tie? To keep his foreskin down.
What do you call 4 dead lawyers....A good start.) After a 2 minute walk and a
quick check back 4 the pack was lost, and although I did not see it myself, I
was told that CBT was finding relief in the woods so we all avoided the woods
thereby avoiding the flour on the trees. With the extra 5 minutes NFN Matt's
fears of being snared were ultimately relieved (although per Hugh his
performance on trail did not benefit from that.) The trail was shitty due to the
shit on trail that some large animal and some Hasher left. I for one love long
treks on the side of a hill so it was a pleasure although Thumb-In-It was heard
complaining (actually everyone near me had choice words to say about it.) There
was one beer-check and "Kodak Moment" which I mistook for a "Kodiak Moment" and
lost a few minutes looking for the dip-stash. You can imagine my disappointment... I was somewhere near the middle the entire time and
would catch fleeting glimpses of Jack and Oops and eventually just benefited
from their kicking of the checks. Thanks! The best runner on the trail had to be
NFN Yellow Hard Hat (Darris) as he ran about 7 miles, mostly up hill and somehow passed
me 3 times. Circle was about 5 miles from the start (and a half mile from Beer
Near) in an abandoned neighborhood. With high grass and a gently used futon it
was a perfect location. Waiting with the cold beer and orange food were Deposit
Slit and NFN Dollene. Her Name is Jack was all F this and F that, being both the
FBI in as well as beating Oops to the finish. CBT came in sober (having pissed
out all her travel-sized alcohol on trail) with Robin and NFN Kayla tagging
along. The Majority of the pack was in and waiting on Leaky, NFN Jolene, NFN DD
and NFN Dave. There was a motion to have a later circle for the DFL's but no
second as we all became patient when the
beers started flowing. With Jack pouring down downs NFN John took more
virginity in one trail than I have in my entire life as NFN's Candy, Leslie,
Jeremy, and Shayna all came for the beer while NFN Michelle claimed to still be
a virgin (last time I heard that I ended up with a rash.) Namings began and
those of us who had been enough (or been stupid enough) were sent off to the
"futon of shame" to await our fate. I became KY Confucktor I am sure due to my
love for lubricant and ability to keep 4/4 time, NFN Dollene was dubbed Aunt
Germima I think because she likes syrup when she is in "lay-down-dog", NFN Matt
became Bella Cum-On-Me as I am pretty sure he is enamored with Kristen Stewart's
character in Twilight and finally NFN Dave was named (without vote, and without
dissent) Kawasukmi likely because he always shows up to trail on a crotch
rocket (Actually it is because he works for Suzuki which makes it all that much more betterer.). On-after at a new location, this time MM, for beer and pie. And with
that the hash went in peace. This 16th day of October, 2012.
Respectfully Submitted, KYC

- Life's hard - it's harder when you're stupid.
Hugh Heifer

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