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 Post subject: R2H3 #5 Trash - Courtesy BBB
PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2012 5:58 pm 
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Wow. The first R2H3 trail I really, really, tried
to do. Really. And it was good.

Due to reasons which ARE TMI, I started trail :45
after the Pack did. This was by way of stopping by
the Start first for End derections. Then going to
the End, dropping off my bag, and returning to the

Trail started from the Home Depot (HD) in
Cedartown. The "chalk talk" arrows pointed S.
There I went. Nothing. Headed W. Nothing. Teched-
on-trail Deposit Slit, and found out the Hares had
headed N, passing in front of Home Depot. Success.

Trail went up a steep slope, and over a fence.
Then across a graded lot, covered with low laying
ivy and briars, and several grass covered drainage
ditches. Down to and behind a convenience store.
To a CB 40!?

2 Hares, a :10 wait, with a :02 slow walk required
for the Pack, and the Hares laid a CB 40? Did I
forget to mention that the trail marks had been
laid with flour, practically invisible in the low
brush. It had been easier to follow the trampled
brush, than to follow the flour.

40 marks. I'd been counting and estimated that #40
was in the HD parking lot. But I thought I'd seen
an on-over down by a road intersection. So I
shortcutted to it. It was Highway DOT arrow. Crap.
I did a large circle around HD. Nothing. I went
back up the steep slope to the graded lot. Looking
to the right, at another field, covered with knee
high grass, I spotted paths. That's where trail
went, and thank G(ispert) for trampled grass. If
it hadn't been for that I wouldn't have spotted
the flour marks. Too few, and nearly out-of-sight
in the grass. At that point it had taken me :45 to
solve it.

Trail entered some woods, and the flour marks,
which were now on the side of trees, was easier to
spot. I crossed over a barb wire fence, the wire
generously, (and for which I was grateful), marked
with tp. Then over rr tracks. Trail went N,
paralleling the tracks. The brush and bramble was
thick at times, and I wondered why the Hare just
didn't lay trail on the tracks. (She didn't want
to be snared)

I lost trail now and then, and after I entered a
felled pine barren, overgrown with weeds higher
than me, I lost it again. I walked towards the
tracks, and stumbled across trail. A true-trail
arrow, and tp draped over another barb wire fence.
Onto a grass service road, and nothing. Was this a
check? I was tiring, and decided to head N to a
road, to box to the End. Then I found what
appeared to be a Hound arrow made out of logs.
800' further up, I found tp on a fence post, and
another Hound arrow. 50' N of there, I found

Trail here was VERY well marked. Short lengths of
tp were very close together, and easy to spot.
Trail left the road, up a slope, to a now felled
pine barren, then down to an asphalt road. I
didn't see which way trail went from there, so I
started boxing to the End. This was 1:25 for me,
so just as well. C@ck-Block-N-Tackle was driving
past looking for Hashers, and picked me up on Rome

At the On-In/End, I found out that the Pack had
spent some time solving the CB 40 themselves. And
trying to solve the 2nd barb wire crossing. Which
hadn't been a check. No Child Left In My Behind
and CBnT were supposed to meet up at the 2nd barb
wire crossing, they just each went to their own
2nd crossings. Oops I Crapped In My Pants had run
up and down the service road, and into the
adjacent field, before finding CBnTs section, 800'

The On-In/End was at No Child's sister's house.
The DFL, NFN Just Eric came in at 2:45 on trail.
Made me glad I just did a quarter of trail, I
would have been 4:00.

Circle was held. Oops was the FRB. NFN Just Kyla
was the FBI. DFL, you know.

The Hares were serenaded by S-H-I-, T-T-Y, T-R-A-
I-LLLL! But, with smiles. Truth be told, all made
it in, safely. I was the only truck-Hasher. There
were 2 BSs on trail.
But, they both were awarded The Long Arm Of The
Law (a "long" pipe they wear on the arm when
drinking down-downs). For laying a true-trail mark
followed by a bad-trail mark, and rumors of pre-
lay. CBnT to her credit was able to aim most of
the beer into her mouth, which formed a foamy
head. (HEAD! Who said Head...) No Child dribbled
the beer all over her face.

The Visitors were Cooter Hog from Choo Choo H3,
Chattanooga, Tn. And Hung Jury from Atlanta Moon

Bimbos were NFN Just Jolene and Desposit Slit. Not
called out was Virgin NFN Just Michelle, who was
found sitting with the Bimbos by me, when I first
arrived. NFN Just Michelle also tried to escape
her Virgin down-down as well, but was caught in
the act by GM Hugh Hefer.

Some 6s:

NFN Just Dollene for wearing a r@cist shirt. Oops
for wearing his really brief speedos (well, it was
a pool ending). Leaky Conch and NFN Just Michelle
for collecting golf balls on trail. Unknown # of
Hounds not having whistles, which I escaped from
(because I'm usually the Left For Dead). NFN Just
Matt who ended up wearing The Long Of The Law for
attempting to 6 the Hares for their great trail,
but all he did was sputter and gag his words. Who
needs aim when you just dump the whole cup on your
face? :)

NFN Just Tamara was the smart one. She waited to
come home till we were just leaving.

I'll have to leave it to Hugh to fill in the other
names I didn't get, and to write what the rest of
trail was like. As for myself, I thank the Hares.
I had a good time. It was a good Hash.

- Life's hard - it's harder when you're stupid.
Hugh Heifer

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