Sunday 19 March 2017 = Half Bandit ELEVEN
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Author:  O.T.R. [ Fri Mar 10, 2017 9:35 am ]
Post subject:  Sunday 19 March 2017 = Half Bandit ELEVEN

In a convenient FAQ:

0715 Sunday 19 March 2017 = Half Bandit ELEVEN.

Q: WTF?!! Will There be Friends/Fun?
A: Yes! OTR and you for sure! Perhaps others!

Q: Is it a hash?
A: Not Xactly. Think rolling Par-Tay. Think P-treePubs, but springtime.

Q: 7:15 am on a Sunday? Why so bloody early?
A: Like the Ptree, we’re subverting the Mega-R@cist Pubix/Georgia/ATC half-a-thong. Plus shortcuts and beer.

Q: Beer/Partying?
A: Beer Stops = 4.5, including Ralph MaJill, Dip’s Porch, Dance Party at Tech, END at BigBore’s 490 Marietta St. This year, we crank it to ‘LEVEN!

Q: How long this thing?
A: 5 miles, with these RULES: we amble the flats, we shuffle the downhills, we drink the uphills, we take rides with strangers.

Q: Where start?
A: 597 Auburn NE (30312) at Randolph is on a turn of the R@cist course, just up street from MLK Center. Easy drive up and park on street. Follow this: ... &success=2
Marta to Inman/Reynolds station, follow Edgewood toward downtown, right at Randolph and we’re at next corner. Less than a mile.

Q: Habeerdashery?
A: See OTR for bespoke and naïve items. Make your own!

Q: End?
A: 490 Mayretta is just 500 meters from the R@cist end. Food maybe? Plus beer!

Q: Cost?
A: Not really. Purchase of 1/B item gets you free admission to any future Half-B, bring beer to carry or for the r@cists, bring your own charming self! Whatever. ATL Track Club is charging $NINETY, think of the Bandit savings!

More Q’s? Ask OTR

Author:  O.T.R. [ Fri Mar 17, 2017 8:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Sunday 19 March 2017 = Half Bandit ELEVEN

Sunday Etc! It's Here, it's Back, Half-Bandit ELEVEN!
19 March, 0715, more fun than most of us even deserve
Beer Yeah!!!!

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