SOB, Hog Mtn, & Pine Lake Exclusive Private Lakeside Shindig
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Author:  Busted [ Wed Aug 09, 2017 2:23 pm ]
Post subject:  SOB, Hog Mtn, & Pine Lake Exclusive Private Lakeside Shindig

Whelp? Someone said, “Let’s just see what happens.” :drunk: Okay, so let’s just do that.

WHAT is it: We are not sure yet. It was just kind of thrown together when all the hashes that Swamp hasn’t killed yet couldn’t find hares and we got desperate to save ourselves from Swamp. We managed to find 30 acres, over a half mile of Lake Allatoona shore line for our exclusive use, and THREE hashes joining together to say good-bye to summer!

WHO: Anyone who wants to say good-bye to summer the right way.

WHEN: Show up to spend time on the lake anytime Saturday or Sunday, and camp if you want to.

    8-) Pine Lake H4 End of Summer Hash at 2 pm Saturday, August 12 with Breaststroke as your Hare!

    :pig: Hog Mountain H3 4th Annual BYOBoat Hash at 1:30 Sunday, August 13 with Busted as your Hare! In four years no one has brought their own boat, but it would be cool if YOU did. [ hint hint]

    :kiss ass: SOBH17 1st Annual Say Good-bye to Summer the Right Way Hash at 1:30 Sunday, August 13 with Busted as your hare! Don't worry. Busted's SOB visitation will be well supervised by Squid Dick.

WHERE: Red Top Mountain State Park Pioneer Campground. I-75 to Exit 278, Glade Road, Turn right onto Glade Rd SE and go 4.9 mi. Continue onto Red Top Mountain Rd SE, 0.3 mi. Keep right to continue on Webster Ferry Landing for .5 miles. Turn left into the Pioneer Campground.

WHAT are the details: Cats and Dogs hanging out together saying good-bye to summer the right way. (Actually, you should probably leave the cats at home. I have yet to see a cat enjoy hanging out at a lake.) You pays your money to the hash you are running, and takes your chances with whatever hash you paid your money too. Show up early on Saturday and just spend the day at the lake, or hash, or camp out or do one or two of these or all of it or whatever. Want to camp but can’t do it Saturday? We are doing it again Sunday. I fixed it so we don’t have to be gone until noon Monday.

There is a campground for our exclusive use, hashes, bi-hash-a-thons, sleeping, drinking, passing out, vomiting, or raising children. What better way to teach them how to recognize and avoid danger than putting them in front of Busted and teaching them to scream loudly and run the other way? Double Rubber (and Heather) have been informed they is not allowed to pull their peckers in front children. Your children should be so disciplined. Ever see a toddler respond to a home depot toilet display – NO SWEETIE…aww shoot!. Anyway, I digress.

With 30 plus acres and over a half mile of shore line, with multiple secluded coves, even Phuc Keye and Dain can probably find a place to pitch their tents far enough away as not to be bothered by Double Rubber’s drunk-o “let me change the song 30-times every two minutes” ass.

BUT WAIT! How much is this campout costing and how do I sign up? No sign up.* FREE.** $0.00.*** Nothing.**** Nada.****

* We don’t need no stinking sign up. We figure we’ll know you are there if we see you. If you die on the way there, going home, or drown, not sure what a sign up will do to help you. Suggest you not swim alone.

**FREE for the 30 plus acres and over a half mile of shore line, with multiple secluded coves. Hashes cost usual amount. You're safe to park in the pioneer campground without a park pass, but anywhere else, you will need a park pass to park.

***Hashes won't provide any more food or beer than usual, so plan accordingly if you arriving early, or staying late.

**** A hot grill is provided but you are own your own for any vittles***** beyond the normal stuff your hash may provide. You might be able to add $2 to the price of hash for a sausage.

***** Vittles (Noun). 1. victuals, food supplies; provisions. 2. food or provisions for human beings.

CHEERS! :toast: Hope to see you there. :banana:

Author:  calamari [ Wed Aug 09, 2017 3:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SOB, Hog Mtn, & Pine Lake Exclusive Private Lakeside Shi

Unfortunately due to a previous engagement and other various reasons, SOB will be unable to join this illustrious event. Y'all have fun though!

Author:  Breaststroke [ Fri Aug 11, 2017 6:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SOB, Hog Mtn, & Pine Lake Exclusive Private Lakeside Shi

For those able to attend this illustrious event, which will include a kid-friendly trail that even a Slow Old Bastard can waddle, paddleboard jousting will begin at 4:30 sharp on Saturday and again immediately following the SOB friendly trail on Sunday. BYOPaddleboard.

PS. Did I mention 30 acres and a half mile of shoreline, exclusive and private?

(This message was dictated to me by Busted, who could not figure out how to stay logged in to the forum long enough to post this message.)

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