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 Post subject: Extra Work for a movie
PostPosted: Wed Aug 08, 2012 4:06 pm 
Having Sex On Trail

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Some of you all asked how to get into the extras gig so I figured I would post the most recent email I received. I can think of a few of you who would fit these parts...


Hi there. This is a re-release of a breakdown for the Action Film, "Motor City". Due to most submissions not matching precisely what we are looking for, we decided to give everyone another shot.

So, what ARE we seeking?

"Motor City" is an action film packed with character faces, thugs, criminals, inmates, security guards and would-be goons. Therefore, submissions should reflect the tone of the film. If you are wearing a designer shirt, a tux and a smile, you are not grasping the meat of this film.

We are looking for people that look like they've lived a hard life, people that resemble real-life criminals, some with tattoos and scars they've earned by living a not-so-fortunate life. We are also looking for blue collar employees, the unemployed, and yes, the people you wouldn't want to mess with; the tough, the don't-take-crap-off-of-anybody, the work-out kings, and the mean… grimacing types.

Perhaps this is you. Perhaps you have already applied, and your photos are blurry, or so yellow-toned that we can't tell what you really look like. If you are interested in this film, and you are one of the people we described above, now is your chance. We are looking for a small core group of people to work on this film. Please read over the following roles and see if any are appealing to you.

FACTORY WORKERS: Males only - 20's-50's. TIRED looking. Blue Collar. NOT YOUR TYPICAL WHITE COLLAR GUY. You may or may not have scars, but you definitely work with your hands for a living. Subject: FACTORY

INMATES: Males only - 20's-50's ROUGH-LOOKING, Dangerous types, and Character faces, people with tattoos on their hands, backs, faces. Could be cut or fit… we need clear pictures of your tattoos and of your body as well as a close up of your face. Subject: INMATE

THUGS: Males Only 20's-40's. DANGEROUS TYPES. BEEFY, FIT, ABILITY to give cold, hard 'I-don't-care-if-I-have-to-kill-you' stares. Intense would be a great word to describe these people. Subject: Thugs

PRISON GUARDS: Ex-military or ex-policemen. FIT, BEEFY. In-charge type of attitude. Stern-looking. Subject: Guard

POLICE FORCE: Ex-military or ex-policemen. We are looking for people that are ACTUALLY trained to fire guns, know how to carry themselves, and can look controlled in high-stake situations. Subject: POLICE

If you are interested in submitting, please follow the following directions carefully. TAKE PICTURES THAT REPRESENT THE TONE OF THE FILM. DO NOT SUBMIT HAPPY-GO-LUCKY and/or professional pictures. Please submit pictures that TRULY represent the characters you are applying for. DO NOT SUBMIT smiling pictures, or edit out your lines and wrinkles. We want to see the tired, the rough, and the dangerous. If you have tattoos, please take close-up pictures of them IN GOOD LIGHTING and submit them in ADDITION to the three required pictures. If you are built, males please take pictures with your shirt off.

HOW TO APPLY (Better than last time.. :):

IN ONE EMAIL - Submit three pictures (a full length, medium shot, and a close up of your face). These pictures should be in good lighting, and should not be blurry or yellow-toned. If you are submitting additional photos (I.E. Tattoos, built body), please do not forget to submit the original three requested. IN ADDITION to the pictures, please submit your age, height, weight and phone number - people always forget their phone number! Pick your subject line (or multiple subject lines) and email it to

We thank you in advance… break a leg. <3 - CL Casting

Catrett Locke Casting

 Post subject: Re: Extra Work for a movie
PostPosted: Wed Aug 08, 2012 9:44 pm 
Queen of the Bitches
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Every single Wednesday morning Fox 5 TV does a segment on ALL of the Atlanta area Casting Calls for "Extras"... ... l-august-8
Here's your show business job opportunities for the week! There are plenty of roles for extras in TV and the movies being filmed in the Atlanta area in this week's Good Day Casting Call! Local Atlanta radio personality and actor Greg Clarkson stopped by Good Day Atlanta with the inside scoop on local casting calls and extra jobs!

If you have a question for Greg, email him at



Extra Casting Atlanta

Scary Movie 5 (Film) -
Infant twins or triplets - 6 to 18 months old

CL Casting

Motor City (film) -
Starring Gerard Butler
Tough guys - tattooed and scared - 18 years old and over
Men - ripped physique - 18 years old and over
Men - experienced bouncers/military personnel - 18 years old and over
Men - Hispanics/Latin-Americans - 18 years old and over

The Idiom (film) -
Men, women - circus, carnival performers - 18 years old and over
Sword swallowers, contortionists, acrobatics, jugglers, stilt walkers
Men, women - Experts or instructor level - 18 years old and over
Swords, fencing, archery, knife throwing, knot tying, javelin

Necessary Roughness - (USA) -
Women with ballet experience - 18 years old and over

The Internship - (film) -
Starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson
Men, women - experienced sign spinner

M.C. Hasher, Pissonya, MacBitcher, DFL MC, M.C. Cracker, Mistress of Chaotic Hashes, M. C. Crasher, etc.

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