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 Post subject: SOB Has Gotten A Lot Harder Since I Last Walked It
PostPosted: Mon Feb 27, 2017 6:39 pm 
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The trail to Left For Dead is walked with good intentions. So, having invited two Rangers from the Chattahoochee River Park to do SOB, I had intended to be at the Start on time to walk trail with them. And of course, things hadn't worked out like that. So at 14:45, a full 40 minutes after the Pack had started trail, I arrived at the Start. Well, this was SOB, so the trail will be easy and I could catch up. Or make it in as Circle was starting, or ending, or over with everyone having gone home. Hmmm…. But, it wouldn't be like that Black Sheep years ago when I was only 20 minutes late and almost really became Left For Dead. Thankfully, rescue had found me and I was saved. Last time I tried that. But, this was North Buckhead, a heavily urban area, not deep out into the woods. What could go wrong?

There were no End Directions, and no indication which way trail started. I went behind the school, and didn't see any marks, but on a tree I left one of my own. That left the front, and somehow I managed not to see the first flour blob placed conspicuously on a tree. I found the check though, and it had been kicked, thank G! Only heading down the street, there was a split and of course I went straight instead of to the left. Where the flour blobs were placed conspicuously on the away-check side of the telephone poles. Of which I never saw till I returned to the Start later. But, now taking the left road I saw the flour marks and they were close together and easy to see. So I continued on, eventually coming up on a park that seemed rather out-of-place for this urban area. Trail went to the left and I was stokin. Doing a speedy 40minute/mile pace, I travelled on a dirt path, crossed a shallow stream and did more trail. Just as I exited the park, I came upon a CB16. “And things were going so well” up to that. Back the way I came and to the other half of the park. Where it was more swampish, with trip roots, brush, and stagnant waters. Over a beaver dam, but with no beavers in sight-strange. I crossed a “bridge” made up to two narrow planks side by side and then took a mis-step, almost impaling myself on a pile of wood on the other bank. Still, I kept going, though thinking that this was more like a Black Sheep trail than a SOB. Hopefully the Hare cut it in half, as per their motto. I continued along and trail veered away from the stream I was paralleling. Then it just stopped, cold. I looked around and saw no further marks. Dejected, I started to walk back towards the Start, when I saw a piece of TP, fluttering on the other side of the stream. Trail!

Yet, it was not to be. I walked up to what appeared to be a collapsed dam. On my side, trail down was easy, but the other side was a very steep slope and a vertical rock face where the dam met the bank. My shoes weren't gripping and those rocks were definitely harder than the pile of wood I had fallen on earlier. Not knowing the area, if trail continued to be like this further on, I knew I'd be out here way past dark. So I went back to the Start.

There I posted a photo from trail and waited, hoping for anyone to return to the Start. But then, a lightbulb went off in my head (Head! Who said head? I’ll have---later B3, you have the Hare’s phone number) The Hare answered, Circle hadn’t started, and I could get a beer! Score!

Turned out if I had continued, the next 3 miles would have been road rage. Still that park was pretty fun, a gem of mud, muck, and water, in the midst of the city. I made it in time to make Circle, have 2 Angry Orchards (thanks Proofeater) and Rule 6 a kid. I Rule 6d Richard Dickola’s son Chilly Willy for tossing his remaining soda like an experienced Hasher would do to a gross tasting down-down. That kid will go far in the Hash. What else was interesting, despite the best efforts of the non-kid adults to guard their words singing down-down songs, it was the parents who sang the four letter versions with their kids present. Hmmm...

Of whom I can remember, the Hash also included: TV Hair, Tripod, Ouch, Potlicker, Lick Hole Ah, visitor Pussy Patrol, One Ball, Snail Trail, Summer’s Eve, Phred, High Dicker, Size Doesn't Matter and the Squid kids (I know I picked the wrong kids to forget their names), an unseen Virgin, stunt cock for them: Waste Of A Sack, Crip Teaser, Just Lix Dix, and any one else that entered one eye and out the other.

And my Ranger friends never showed. Oh well.

Former T4T and PH3 Beermeister

Reporting the facts, and getting them wrong

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