Atlanta Area Hashes


Blacksheep H3

This hash forms every other Sunday at 1:30pm, with the hare(s) off at 2:00pm. Founded by the illustrious Norfucker in 1991. This is ALWAYS a LIVE HARE and almost always off road. You will get wet and muddy and enjoy the hell out of it. This is the hash with a formal circle, blocks of ice for the hares and summary down downs for all kinds of infractions. Wimps need not apply. Not for little kids, nor for those on their last pint of blood, as you WILL get cut from briars, prickers, etc. If you've done any hashes with the military kennels, you'll feel right at home.

Atlanta Moonlite H4

This hash forms Monday nights at 7:00pm, with hounds departing shortly. Always fun and a great way to overcome those Monday Blahs. Usually an intown venue and normally an end where food and beer can be obtained. During Daylight Savings Time you'll actually be able to see what you trip over - bring a flashlight in the winter! A personal favorite and highly recommended. Many times the hashes are "Free" but you're on your own at the On-In, so bring enough $$ to make yourself happy. (Bring more if you wanna make someone else happy!!)

Two for Tuesday

Here's a pretty simple concept, even for half-minds: Two beer stops over two miles for two dollars per mile on the 2nd Tuesday evening of each month. Hounds meet at 7pm, hare off at 7:20

George's Bar and Grill

While not strictly a hash event, the Wednesday Night Run that starts near the intersection of Virginia Ave. and North Highland Ave. is usually attended by at least 60 or 70 people who run various routes and all end up together to drink beer and carouse. Starts at 7:00PM rain or shine. Not all who show up are hashers, though, for reasons that baffle us, it seems that some people actually like to run, and then they leave. Perhaps they are living double lives? We just don't know. If you listen closely you can still hear the ghost of Wilma muttering something about going on a tequila crawl.

Short, Lazy, Urban Thursday H3

Also known as the S.L.U.T. Hash - Similar to the S.O.B. hash, as they're both slow, but a heap of fun. This hash was founded in March, 2001 by MC Hasher and Dr. Doo Doo. who are both slow, but a heap of fun. The cool thing with this one, is that you almost always get a yummy meal that the end - but sometimes you get hot dogs - life is an adventure, bucko... The SLUT Hash House Harriers meet at 7:00PM on the FIRST Thursday of the month in somewhere near intown Atlanta.

Southern Comfort H3

This one about as extreme as the Black Sheep are. Always live and a sister hash to the Samurai Hash in Japan. Hash forms Friday evening at 7:00pm, hares off sometime thereafter. This hash usually hashes on the south side of Atlanta, vicinity of Hartsfield International and south. There is shiggy everywhere and the area is rife with great trails, briars, plenty of swamp and all those things that make hashing special. Virgins have to down a WARM NON-ALCOHOLIC BEER!!! Usually a small pack, but always hardcore!

The Southern Comfort Hash House Harriers are not licensed or endorsed by Southern Comfort Properties, Inc (SCPI). SOUTHERN COMFORT is a registered trademark of SCPI.

Atlanta H4

Do you really need more information? this site is all about the Atlanta H4.

Full Moon H4

If the Moon is waxing large, it's time for another Full Moon hash. The least formal organization (none) of all the hash groups and a predictably good time. The current hares pick the following month's hares at the Down-Downs. Lazy folks might want to hit the bathroom at the moment of truth. Still, it is interesting, as people who would NEVER lay trail together often get stuck together. Be sure to check on a weekly basis, as this is the number to call to find out where Friday Nite Happy Hour is going to be!

Slow Old Bastards H17

We'll not even go into what the 17 H's stand for. Only the Original Dominatrix (Dr. Crotchrot) seems to know, or care, for that matter. Think of it as the antimatter version of Black Sheep. This hash forms every other Sunday on Black Sheep's off week, folks gather at 1:30pm and the hounds waddling off at 2:00pm. These slow old farts take great pride in more beer per mile with a mandatory beer stops and a rule from founder TWO TRIP that "no trail couldn't be improved by cutting it in half " assure that Trails RARELY exceed 3 miles and are almost always walker/baby stroller/dog /HANGOVER friendly.Very mild overall, but still fun.

Tuesday with a Theme

Meet CUNT's sister hash! TWAT is a fun walking hash of decorated and costumed hashers! No shiggy on these trails, we want to be seen! TWAT hashes every THIRD Tuesday of the month, year round. TWAT is an A to A hash, starting at a bar or restaurant. No bag car will be provided as all cars will be at the end. Every TWAT hash has a theme, which hashers are encouraged to dress up and bring accessories for. Hashes are ONE mile with one beer stop. Hash cash is $4, to include GIMMES of that hash's theme, as well as hash beer! Landmark attendances (10, 25, 50, etc) will be awarded with personalized gimmes!

Atlanta Happy Hour H3

If you do not know what Happy Hour is well you should just stay home. Seriously though, Happy Hour is a great place to end a long work week. The Happy Hour Beyotch has a long list of fine establishments that welcome hashers with open doors! Typically folks arrive after work and throughout the evening. Make sure to arrive with some good gossip to dish!

Pinelake H3

Like the Atlanta Hash also runs on Saturdays but at 2:30pm, for those of you too slack to get out of bed in time to do AH4. It used to be that they had woodsier trails, and AH4 tended to stick to the roads, but that is no longer the case, as AH4 seems to have the more scenic trails. But, PH3 does have better beer; you just have to hang out with them to drink it. Them's the breaks, Bud. Sometimes live trails, but mostly dead. Has been known to confuse short cutters from AH4 who have shown up at their ON IN by mistake. There's a bit of a rivalry between PH3 and AH4, as they spun off from us (SPLITTERS!!). You'll hear them give us crap about beer in cans, and you'll hear AH4 wankers bitching about them doing the bottled beer thing, which requires a bottle opener, is a pain to recycle, and cost more money. (AH4 hashers are keen on the "buzz per dollar" thing, you see...)

Dark Side H4

What is long, dark and hard? It is the Darkside which meets on or new the new moon when a hare can be found. Trail is usually long (10+ miles) and hard.

Wheelhopper H4

Just when you thought you'd heard it all about hashing...we give it to you on a bike! The Wheelhoppers ride TWICE a month, on the third and fourth Sundays. The third is usually an offroad (yes, you need a mountain bike!) trail, and the fourth is usually an urban (or suburban) assault (you can probably get away with a hybrid). Down Downs are done from the top of a stationary bike. You drink while you peddle. We like this one, because they make a normal running hash, well, seem normal. Oh yeah, and they have been doing this insaneness since 1992.

C U Next Tuesday

The C U Next Tuesday Hash House Harriers Hash the 1st Tuesday of the month in Atlanta. The manifesto for this hash is: one mile trail, cost is ONE dollar, trails are "A to BS to A" starting and ending at the on-after bar, with a beer stop halfway and not at the bar. There is no bag truck and since the end is at a bar kids and pets are not encouraged. There are a few other rules, but that is the jist of it!

Bear Creek H4

Bear Creek Hash House Harriers are dedicated to traversing the wilds (and not so wilds) of South Fulton, Douglas, Coweta, and Fayette Counties in search of flour, toilet paper, and eventually, beer. Typically, Bear Creek hashes once per month opposite Black Sheep and Hog Mountain.

Hog Mountain H4

Hog Mountain where Beavers are ALWAYS Wet! The best and deepest shiggy in the area that prides themselves on trails that are always dog friendly but never stroller friendly. You'll get wet and best of all drink your down down with the Hogs. Monthly hash alternating with Bear Creek and Black Sheep.

Drinkers United For Fun H3

We are a Wednesday evening drinking kennel with trail once a month. Wednesday evenings are at Elder Tree Pub in EAV. Every third Wednesday of the month features a different bar and will be posted with enough time for plans to attend to be made. Trail dates and times are decided by the hare that month. There is no real rhyme or reason to the when or where. You'll have a great time! No promises though.