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#2126 on October 23, 2021
PineLake Banana Trail!

Hash Info

Time: Meet at 2:00pm, take off at 2:35pm PROMPTLY

Start: 8263 Bethel Road, Gainesville, GA 30506 When you are on Bethel and getting close, look for a dirt road on the left, brown wood fence and stacked stone mailboxes. Turn on dirt road and follow signs to "Teillon". We'll have "valet parking" service closer to the house

Hares: Banana Licker

Cost: $12 for beer and orange food. Virgins are welcome.

Special Info From Hares: Note: - You will get wet but this isn't a swimming hash. Please RSVP "Going" on Pinelake Facebook. You will be transported by boat to the largest island on Lake Lanier. You and your fellow Hashers will find your way to several challenge zones where you will need to work together to survive. You will have no food and will be forced to survive on beer alone for several hours. Those that survive will be transported back to circle and will celebrate with a feast and bonfire for circle. Rule 6: - Must be vaccinated - Please try to carpool - We will shove off at 2:35pm, so don't be late - Special price of $12

What to bring: Bring the usual hash stuff. This includes towel, dry shoes, dry clothes, camp chair, hash bag etc...

Directions to the Start: Somewhere in the Gainesville area. The one in GA.

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