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#2090 on February 20, 2021
PineLake/AH4 Joint My Bloody Valentine!!!!

Hash Info

Time: Meet at 2:00, Take off 2:30ish

Start: 3290 Cumberland Club Dr, Smyrna GA 30339

Hares: Ass-we-go & Pissticide

Cost: FREE! Except for whatever you spend on your own drink.

Special Info From Hares: The evil twins are once again seeing how much blood they can cause us to lose. Why you ask? Hell if I know! All I know is they are very good at it.

What to bring: Bring the usual hash stuff. This includes dry shoes, dry clothes, camp chair, drink of choice, hash bag etc...

Directions to the Start: Click onto the bloody foot below to use the working (again) map.

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