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#2075 on November 7, 2020
AH4 Day of the Dead Trail!

Hash Info

Time: Meet at 1:30pm, take off at 2:00pm

Start: 240 M.L.K. Jr Dr SE, Atlanta, GA 30312. Park just west of Nickís. Just look for the suite green Element and snuggle up next to it.

Hares: Swamp Guinea

Cost: Virgins are FREE! Others pay nothing. Why? Because it's BYOB!!!

Special Info From Hares: We'll be doing our traditional Day of the Dead Hash this Saturday. Come join us for a lively romp through urban jungle, final resting places and pee-filled tunnels while we celebrate our lost loved ones.

What to bring: The hare is socially distancing to an extreme due to close proximity to vulnerable in-laws so keep your COVID hands to yourself. No altar. No smooching on the hare. No give-aways. No food. It sucks but 2020 sucks a donkey cock anyways. BYOB!!! Bring Joy, Love and 6 ft titty flashes. Also bring chair, koozie, fleshlight, bail money, dry shoes, food etc.

Directions to the Start: Itís 2020 Ė Google the address. Be sure not to park in Nickís parking lot but somewhere close to it.

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