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#2055 on June 27, 2020
PineLake Trail Erector Sex!

Hash Info

Time: Meet at 2 pm, take off at 2:30 pm - PineLake time!

Start: 4000 Dekalb Technology Pkwy #550, Atlanta, GA 30340

Hares: Erector Sex

Cost: FREE bring your own beverages & processed snacks!

Special Info From Hares: For those that want a trail without a crowd, there is a large parking lot with plenty of space to roam aimlessly. If you want to take your chances with other half minds, meet up at 2, on out at 230. Trail should be somewhere between 3-15 miles (depends on who you follow). Bring masks, sanitizer (you may need rubbing alcohol anyways because i don't pay attention to the ivy), self- and others- respect, WATER, your own beer/ food made in a lab, air kisses, 6 foot poles for tipsy close-talkers, all the modern makings of a good time. Don't bring: yourself (during regular hash time), IF you feel sick, feverish, have been exposed to someone who has, or are immune-compromised. On after will most likely be at Monterey Mexican as they are open to dine-in including the open and spacious patio, and they require proper distance between tables.

What to bring: Bring your own beverages/snacks, masks, & the usual hash stuff. This includes dry shoes, dry clothes, camp chair, rubbing alcohol, hash bag etc. See more scoop above.

Directions to the Start: Click the foot.

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