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#2049 on March 21, 2020
PineLake Trail (lower key — green dress will be later)

Hash Info

Time: Meet at 2, take off at 2:30 pm-ish

Start: Constitution Lakes — 1315 S River Industrial Blvd., Hotlanta 30315

Hares: Double Suck

Cost: FREE! Bring your own stuff!

Special Info From Hares: A to A. Bring your own everything!! Pls stay at home if you are ill, immunocompromised, or at higher risk of getting sick from non-beer-related Corona. More scoop below... Alright, we're still planning to hash Saturday, but it will be toned down. I'm saving Green Dress for whenever they reschedule St. Patrick's Day this year. It'll be the best delayed gratification ever! I'll think we'll be coming together on ways to reduce risk of spreading the virus at the hashes going forward, but for now here's what Pinelake will do this Saturday: Maintain distance while getting to talk to each other in person! Any former nuns that can provide yardsticks for enforcement will be blessed. Names will be taken for spankings later, once we can touch you with our hands again. A to A, so keep your dry bags to yourself. Cost: free! It's BYOEverything! To simplify the management of risk, just bring whatever you want to eat/ drink after (including water, if you're into that sort of thing). Wear hashing clothes. You can bring your green dresses if you like to get them trashy. Really, you can wear dresses any time you want. We takes all kinds at the hash. PLEASE DON'T COME IF YOU'RE IMMUNE COMPROMISED OR SYMPTOMATIC! CUM AT HOME! WE'LL SEND YOU PICS TO HELP WITH THAT.

What to bring: Bring your own stuff including food/beverage, dry shoes, dry clothes, camp chair, hash bag, etc.

Directions to the Start: click the foot

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