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#2047 on March 7, 2020
PineLake Day of the Dude!!

Hash Info

Time: Meet at 2, hounds take off afterwards (2:30ish)

Start: Sweetwater Brewery, 195 Ottley Dr., Atlanta 303024

Hares: Body Glide & Crimp

Cost: $8 for beer and orange food. Virgins are FREE!

Special Info From Hares: Hared by BodyGlide and C.R.I.M.P. (With possible cameo appearance from Kim Jong I Will.) We will have PRELUBE, BEER STOP and a WHITE RUSSIAN stop. Start and PRELUBE is at Sweetwater Brewery. Park on premise at your own risk, since we won’t be staying there. There is plenty of street parking. BEER STOP is BYOB (Buy Your Own Booze) you will need plastic to pay and ID to drink. There will be White Russians, bowling alleys, beer stops, and a little Credence. It is pet friendly (except for one beer stop where the pups will have to be outside), so you can bring along your favorite marmot or whatever, dude.

What to bring: Be sure to bring along the normal hash stuff, chairs, dry clothes, and your favorite rug to help tie the room together.

Directions to the Start: Look it up, dude!

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