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#2046 on February 29, 2020
AH4 Leap Year!!

Hash Info

Time: Meet at 7PM

Start: Sandy Springs Marta 1101 Mt Vernon hwy, atlanta ga 30338

Hares: Dum Buf & Sanitary Not!

Cost: $3 for down-down beer. Bring money (and ID) for ending at restaurant.

Special Info From Hares: No dogs - ending is not the start and the ending is not dog friendly.

What to bring: What to bring - well - maybe dry shoes and dry shirt :roll: . You do not need a chair, nor do you need an extra set of clothes, nor do you need an entire wardrobe change - let's keep those bags on the lite side. You Do need to bring money for food and drinks :D at the ending restaurant. What to wear - your best Freakin' Leapin' :lol: outfit...

Directions to the Start: USE YOUR GPS ON YOUR PHONE

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