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#2026 on October 19, 2019
Dem PineLake peeps lay'n us a good 'un dis Sattyday

Hash Info

Time: Meet at 2 pm; draw straws at 2:25 pm; take off at 2:30 pm

Start: Doghead Farm, Birch St SW, Atlanta, GA 30310


Cost: $8 for beer and orange food. Virgins are FREE the next time!

Special Info From Hares: Meet up at 2pm, draw straws at 2:25pm, hare(s) on out at 2:30pm. Short straw is the first hare. Two hares if we have enough people. If you snare, you're the new hare. I'll provide the end address. You decide how to get theree . BUT FIRST! We have a super-cool volunteer opportunity at this location, from 10a-12p ish. My work colleague also runs a non-profit called Concrete Jungle that picks fresh produce to provide to local area food banks. This is their location to harvest this weekend, and they're looking for more volunteer help. No need to sign up in advance. You can bring kids to help, if you can drag them out of bed. And you can go to the volunteering opportunity, the hash, or both. No pressure involved. I'll be at both, so hope to see you all there!

What to bring: Bring the usual hash stuff. This includes dry shoes, dry clothes, camp chair, hash bag etc...

Directions to the Start: Check your GPS or driver of choice

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