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#2017 on August 17, 2019
Shoot the Hooch!! The HOT DOG DAYS of Summer

Hash Info

Time: Meet at 11:30 am, take off at NOON

Start: COHRAN SHOALS - WEST SIDE.... 1956 Eugene Gunby Rd, Marietta, GA 30067 DO NOT BE CONFUSED! This is the parking lot OPPOSITE of the NOC Chattahoochee Outpost on Powers Island... There is an easier put in (I said it!) and plenty of parking...

Hares: Wil U Suck, Swamp Guinea & Gentrifuckation

Cost: $10 bucks to make you holla! Errrrrmm, ah, for beer and food. $10 Includes beer, the usual orange food, picnic items and hot dogs at end... Parking is $5 bucks; pay at kiosk: Parking not included, carpooling recommended, wankers! Rental floats available at extra cost at NOC.

Special Info From Hares: The Dog Days of Summer, so SUN, SUNburn (bring sunscreen), water, other Shoot the Hoochers, waterfowl, fish, fishermen (fisher people?), madlads, jumping rock, regular rocks, moobs, Non-moobs, funbags, FUN, having fun, bitching instead of having fun, more fun after a cold one, Australian Crocodiles, and drunks acting like crocodiles, probably... More info on left side of home page.

What to bring: A life jacket and float. Waterproof key/smokes container. A boat, a float, water wings, inner tubes, a rubber ducky... sunscreen, floating fleshlight, non-beer drinks and some water proof snacks. Rubber float patch kit. More sunscreen. Water proof Birth control. Long sleeved shirt? Anti-lightening voodoo doll. Patience (you've met us, right?), a sense of humor and your Mom.

Directions to the Start: Get on I-285 and follow the signs. Boom, you're there.

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